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At Kulturë, we want to be more than an online exotic home decor provider. We are also dreamers, and we firmly believe that it is possible to change the world and build a better home for our children, brick by brick, by paying more attention to our environment and giving back to the communities who need it the most.

We're progressively building up our Corporate Social Responsibility policy to reflect our philanthropic and ethically-oriented business practices. Read on to find out what causes we seek to support through our small family enterprise and how you can help!

The Jack Price Project

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The Jack Price Project foundation was started by Richard and Claire Price, a Welsh couple now established in Bali, Indonesia. It was founded in January 2016, following the tragic loss of their son, Jack, at the tender age of 18.

The aim is to provide life chances to the under privileged children and young adults of Indonesia by offering support both physically, through sports and recreational programs, including soccer, gymnastics, yoga, swimming and basketball, where the kids can express themselves and enjoy being part of a team, and mentally, through team building programs, helping with schoolwork, English speaking, preparing CV's, interview techniques, finding jobs and also just being their friends and mentors.

Claire and Richard have also been able to give hydrotherapy sessions to many disabled children here in Bali, where this kind of support is greatly needed, since the Indonesian government offers very limited programs in this field. 

Poverty is still very real in many regions of Indonesia, and with the Jack Price Project foundation, Jack and Claire hope very much to be able to expand their reach to help many many more children and young adults in this region, who have been forgotten by society, by opening doors which would otherwise remain firmly closed.

Key Objectives.

  1. To educate through sport and teaching the children why sport is important in our lives, team work, keeping fit, helps their minds stay positive and strong, gives the children a purpose, something for them, something to look forward to each week and something to talk about with their friends building confidence in the process.
  2. To help kids with their growth, development and cognitive skills. Helping children with mental development, mental health and physical fitness.
  3. To help build confidence and strength through sport
  4. To help bring opportunities to underprivileged children through meeting new people and learning English through listening to instructions and integrating with English speaking expat children in the same groups. English will help give the children have a brighter future.
  5. To help kids with some physical disabilities get stronger eg cerabal palsy. Making a difference to their flexibility and everyday life.

Jack price sports activities

Some of the kids from the orphanage practising basketball (courtesy of Finn's Sports Facilities)


Current Key Projects.

Sumba Sports Facility.

The Jack Price Project foundation is currently in the process of building a sports facility in a remote area of Sumba to provide the same sports opportunity to children in Sumba. Many of the children that they helped in Bali have now returned to this village to live with their families once more. This facility will enable them to continue with their sports and will empower them to pass on this great skill and knowledge to the rest of their community. The sports facility started early 2021 and will be built in 4 stages. Please check our social media @thekultureofficial to follow the progress.

Sumba English Teaching Program.

The Jack Price Project foundation hopes to set up an English teaching program in Sumba so families don't feel the need to send their children away to a different island (Bali, amongst others) for up to 15 years in an orphanage, often not seeing their families again for years. The separation can be traumatic for the children so if we can provide the same opportunities in Sumba then all these children can stay with their families where they belong.

Food Parcels.

The Jack Price Project foundation provides food parcels once a month to up to 160 needy people. We have been selling face masks to help provide the funds for this.

Support in Education.

The foundation also provides sponsorship for university and help with writing the best CV in Bali. They currently sponsor a young man from Sumba to study at University here in Bali. He currently in his 2nd year of a 4 year economics degree course. Soon we will sponsor a young lady to study at nursing college on a 3 year course.  

Business Start Up.

The Jack Price Project foundation has been able to offer a "Business Start Up" opportunity for a single mum who has struggled to look after her 4 children. It will empower her with new entrepreneurial skills and enable her to work from home, earn money and take care of her children all at the same time.

Sports Rec Program Bali.

The foundation is into their 4th year of successfully running a weekly sports and rec program for over 100 kids. Sports include Soccer, Basketball, Muay Thai and Ju Jitsu.

Need to learn more or want to make a direct donation? Just drop a mail to richard@thejackpriceproject.com.

The Jack Price Project is registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in the UK; Registered Charity Number: 1193482.

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