Why Your Bedrooms Need Fragrances

Why Your Bedrooms Need Fragrances

Last week, we talked about why your bedrooms smell musty in the morning. We learned that when we sleep, our bodies naturally recover and repair their cells. The outcome of this turns out in the form of body secretion; dead skin cells, perspirations, and natural oils. Also, we get to learn that our bed linens and pillowcases are the direct victims to this!

Bed headboards

Beautiful bedrooms can’t have a bad stench, can they?

We know, nobody wants a weird odor emanating from their bedroom every time they leave it, or worse, each time when they wake up from it. Since we have discussed two of the most common reasons last week, let’s outline the less common ones, though they still happen in most bedrooms. 

Simple furniture maintenance

Do you know that you can take care of your furniture quite easily? 

You can find cleaning instructions on the manufacturer’s label of your bedroom upholstered furniture. Water-based cleaning solutions, such as upholstery shampoo or light detergent, are indicated by the letter W. To spot clean, gently apply the solution without over-wetting the fabric of your bedroom furniture. Remember that slacking in this can cause shrinkage or even permanent stains. 

The letter S indicates that the furniture may be cleaned using dry-cleaning chemicals or rubbing alcohol. Meanwhile, WS denotes cleaning with either water-based or solvent-based cleaning products. Last but not least, the letter X shows that you cannot clean furniture with any chemicals on the cloth. 

Provide a small table

Eating in your bedroom, whether on your desk or in your bed, will leave leftover crumbs, whose odors can build up quickly. To get rid of the stench, look under your bed and under the mattress, beneath the desk or chairs  to see if any food has spilled.

You know, even the tiniest crumbs can collect and emit an unforgettable odor, especially when rotten. If you direly need to eat in your bedroom, we recommend having a small desk or a table to eat.

If you direly need to eat in your bedroom, we suggest you get a table in your bedroom dedicated for eating. It will definitely make your life so much easier, in terms of cleaning management.  Besides, it is a great interior design practice; to decorate your bedroom! Also, do not forget that cleaning the spills and stains on your furniture can right away eradicate the source of the stench. Some labels include a code that indicates which cleaning chemical is suitable for that particular cloth.

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A small “dining” table in your bedroom can be a great alternative


When was the last time you did your laundry?

The next and probably most obvious smell is the dirty or sweaty clothes kept in the room. If you are active at work, or even sedentary, your body will still naturally secrete oils and sweats, and leaving it in your bedroom will leave a stale smell.

Of course, the most logical way out of this is to take care of your laundry frequently, but what else can we do to eliminate this?

We suggest getting baskets as laundry hampers, and then place them outside your bedrooms. These baskets are not only functional, they can also showcase your personalities by becoming an absolutely aesthetic home decor piece!

handwoven baskets Singapore

The combo of colors and the little tassels can refresh the eye, and the air!

None of these works and it drives me nuts!

If none of the suggestions in the past two articles don’t work for the stench, what else can we do? What about considering airing the room? It helps to regulate the room’s temperature, takes out bad odors, and prevents mildew! Simple, yet awesome

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Plants will help regulate carbon dioxide and replace it with fresh oxygen

After cleaning and airing your bedroom do not work, what else can we do? There are some ways we can explore, for instance, maintaining small potted plants, scented candles and potpourris, or even essential oils!

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Scented candles, potpourris, and essential oils release a fresh, natural scent that is devoid of harmful chemicals. Some essential oil combinations may even be created at home and will leave a lovely scent in your house, for instance, eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and other essential oils. 

Make your own mixes by combining water, an alcohol base, and a few drops of these oils. Put it in a spray bottle and liberally use it around your room, or whenever needed! Other than making your bedroom aromatic, essential oils have an added benefit to act as insect repellents.

Do you have any other ways to resolve bad stench in your bedroom? Let us know in the comment section below!


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