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Why You Need Lampshades to Protect Your Lightbulb

Why You Need Lampshades?

Looking at bare bulbs can be highly uncomfortable, since the light spreads out to all directions. The intense glare of a naked bulb is harmful to the eyes, and the bulb itself can be heated if accidentally touched. It is the reason why, in interior design, bare bulbs are utilized in areas and lighting fixtures where the light has to be preserved and not easily looked at. 

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Can you think of where exactly? That's correct, closets and stairwells!

Lampshades are often used to cover light bulbs in open locations that require illumination. It is normally used for safety reasons, however, it is also lovely for house decorations. Lampshades can help protect the eyes from direct glare from the bulb, in addition to diffusing lights to even the lowest-lit areas of the room. And of course, using modern, kitschy, contemporary-style lampshades showcase your personality!

Do you know? Lampshades are utilized not only for interior decor but also for outdoor application. The distinction is that outdoor light covers are often constructed of more durable materials, such as metal and iron, whereas inside light covers are typically made of ornamental materials, for instance, rattan and wooden.

Isn't it fascinating? Let's become curious about lampshades both inside and out today!

The history of lampshades

What was the first form of lampshade? Of course, they were public lanterns before! The first public lanterns appeared in late 17th century Paris to help light the road at night. These lanterns then developed into oil-lit street lights (réverbères) in 1763 Paris, followed by 1785 Milan. When we said oil-lit, it was not even a bulb - it was an oil light with a lot of wicks within. 

Then, in the mid-nineteenth century, an inventor named Friedrich Albert Winsor industrialized lighting by generating gas in a plant and transporting it through a pipeline. It quickly morphed into a dread of explosions and poison, because gas lighting dangerously warmed the air and significantly consumed oxygen. 

It was critical to ventilate the room or isolate the flame, by separating the combustion room from the room that needs lighting. Because of this, theater audiences then regularly suffered from sulphur and ammonia-poisoning, leaving the theatre hall with terrible headaches.

So, our beloved Thomas Edison and another inventor named Joseph Swan separately merged existing lighting elements with research on the incandescent filament electric light bulb by scientists Humphry Davy, De Moleyn, and Göbel.

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Lampshades were used to hide the intensity of the electric light since it was strong and striking. Those lampshades were then made of colored glasses, and created by Tiffany. Yes, the jewelry-maker! Aside from glasses, the filament was formed of carbonized vegetable and bamboo fibers, as well as metal alloys in the early twentieth century.

How to utilize lampshades

The floor lampshade is the most popular type. It helps to lower the intensity of light throughout the room by blocking a substantial quantity of light in a horizontal orientation. At the same time, floor lamp lampshades allow light to flow from the top and bottom. It enables for more concentrated light below the shades, which automatically permits light flowing to the ceiling, transforming the lamp into an ambient one. 

A shaded floor lamp softens reflected light from the ceiling while shielding the eyes from direct light glare.

Table lampshades are the second most popular type of lamp shade. The goal of table lampshades is to concentrate the light's direction, allowing it to flow across a wider yet focused surface. The key lighting metrics here are the height of the table lamp and the size of the shade.

Table lampshades are comparable to task lights - or reading lights - in terms of usefulness. To give you an idea, these are the ones that are usually put over your bed. Both of these books are excellent for reading!

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What else do you know about lampshades? Let us know in the comment section below! Interested in getting Balinese lampshades? Check our collection out here!

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