Why Wooden Home Deco Pieces?

Why Wooden Home Deco Pieces?

Wood For Home Decoration

We all know that wood is an excellent material for home decoration. It is strong and gives a traditional, antique look to the room. You cannot replace the warmth, decadence, and finesse wooden furniture offers. Any piece of wooden furniture, be it tables, headboards, decorative panels, lampshades, and even kitchen utensils, will always reflect a combination of aesthetic appeal and structural integrity incomparable to other materials. Regardless of size, wooden furniture can add a certain dignity and charm to your home.  It becomes a connector between your home to nature, and it will timelessly transform your room - or the entire house, to reflect its natural, welcoming, and organic feelings. Lighter or rich darker tones of wood, combined with captivating patterns of wooden fibers or grains, will still be able to open your home to the natural warmth and wealth of a rainforest. 

Wood as a furniture material has been used for ages - yes, ever since our grandparents' parents. It is a highly versatile material, which blends tastefully right in, although your house's interior design leans contemporarily or traditionally. It also means that these beautiful pieces can be extended outdoor, in your patio, garden, or even as ports! More importantly, it is one of the most durable, long-lasting materials for anyone seeking longevity of their furniture. Wood is strong enough to sustain different climates and humidity. It also does not require long and demanding maintenance processes, where you only need to occasionally wax, polish, and oil your wooden furniture to keep it pretty and long-lasting. Talking about long-strength, when a piece of wooden furniture is well-made, it can last generations!

These qualities increase the demand for timbers nowadays, making them difficult to find from rainforests. Timbers, as we all know, are relatively slow-growing. It means that the natural timbers' resources are depleting while the demand still exists in the market, however, we want sustainable ones. Many furniture makers and home decorators, therefore, seek alternatives to source timbers from other plants. Some of them have also resorted to community forests that only grow trees for furniture-making. It means that responsibly sourced timbers are sustainable; it is friendly to the environment, on top of its longevity. Yay for low carbon emission and long-lasting furniture!

Many furniture makers use durian and fiber wood to offer a similar experience with naturally-grown timbers. Durian timbers are native to Southeast Asian rainforests, where they are mostly found in lowland swamp and mixed forest areas. It is increasingly popular as it is relatively quick to grow, easy to work with, and takes nails, glues, and veneers well as the conventional timbers do. This timber has reddish, pinkish hues, with a bit of deep red-brown and an orange tinge. The exterior looks quite similar to teak, except that the texture is medium to coarse and uneven, with the grain straight to slightly interlocked.

wood mirror

Cahaya, a standing mirror hand-carved by an Ubud craftsman.
Dimensions: H150 x W80 x T2 cm
Weight: 11 kg
High-grade 5mm-thick mirror glass.


Meanwhile, the fiber wood, or medium-density fiberboard (MDF), is also a great alternative to raw wood. It is also affordable, and its wax and resin combination also builds it stronger. The texture of MDF is relatively smooth; it does not have knots or rings, which makes it easier for cutting than natural timbers during woodwork. It also has a hard and flat surface ideal for veneering, lamination, gluing, and doweling, leading MDF to be exceptional material for home decoration pieces. 

Like what? Headboard and decorative panels, of course! It is also a great choice to make a beautiful yet strong table lamp!

wood panel

Nirwana, a decorative panel made of MDF.
Dimensions: 125 x 42 cm

Weight: 3 kg

bed headboards

Manusa, a hand-carved headboard made of MDF.
King size : 183 x 183 cm / 28kg
Queen size : 150 x 150 cm / 23kg
Single size : 120 x 120 cm / 15kg
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