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Why Mirrors Are Important in Home Deco

Living in Singapore equals moving into a ready-made apartment, which can be challenging to decorate. It is not that simple to modify predetermined blueprint and wall positioning, considering customizations options will be limited. When this happens, many homeowners end up struggling in redecorating, but the Kulture Deco team is here to rescue!

Let’s try to explore our options mirrors - the small yet powerful home decorative object. They can infuse the space with good energy abundantly, while beautifying your home in an instant. From the feng shui perspective, mirrors contain both positive and negative energies and they can radiate the same when placed correctly at home. Meanwhile, the Indian shastra - the traditional Indian architectural system, also notes that mirrors have the ability to capture, stagnate, and degrade energy levels.
wood mirror
Hand Carved Mirror "Hening" - Antic-Wash, 100 cm-tall 

What does it mean for us, the home redecorators? It means we can definitely use mirrors to decorate and maximize good energy at home - good vibes only!

Redefining and channeling out your home decor statement.

First of all, mirrors channel out your characters; it is definitely a statement home decoration piece. 

How does this work? Think of a focal point of your living room, and a vibrant artwork comes to your mind, right? Or your bedroom, for example; its focal point rests on your bed’s headboard, right? Mirrors, on the other hand, may create a great statement in a room. To level up your mirror game, try using big mirrors or mirrors with ornate frames. Place them on the most visible walls or tables possible. 

Additionally, for a distinctive, beautiful touch to dressing rooms or bedrooms, you can lean a tall and narrow mirror against the room’s corner. Add a little light behind the mirror to increase the room appeal. Better yet, you can even play around with the mirror’s reflection by directing the mirror to reflect something gorgeous - like a flower vase, or a decorative wall panel. Do remember to avoid placing mirrors to reflect less desirable items or areas, for instance, cluttered desks or beneath a table.
wood mirror singapore
Hand Carved Mirror "Agung" Brown Wash, 180cm-tall


Gives an illusion for your home to look bigger

Secondly, mirrors help a space to look wider, and this is crucial for us who live in a tiny apartment in Singapore. Mirrors’ capability to reflect the open space of a room will create an illusion of a wider space. You can hang a mirror to help broaden a narrow hallway, or even lean a tall, narrow one in a small bathroom.

Other than giving a widening illusion, a mirror’s reflection can add an even bigger space illusion through increased brightness in a room. You can try hanging mirrors across windows to reflect more natural light in the room, or even across lamps to reflect that lighting.

Extra idea! You can try hanging a mirror across a chandelier to reflect its beauty and light for extra radiance and space!

Correct positioning

As mentioned above, many Eastern traditional teachings have long incorporated mirrors in their architectural systems. It also adds the importance of correct mirror positioning so a home gets the good energy needed for the longevity of its residents. Having said these, let’s now find out what the dos and don’ts are in home decorating using mirrors!

According to feng shui, mirrors in the bedroom have to be placed away from the bed, or where you sleep. Mirrors are believed to bounce energy around the bedroom, which may bring restlessness and amplified worries. In other words, placing a mirror right opposite your bed will return negative energy to you, and we definitely do not want that.

homemade wood mirror singapore

Hand Carved Mirror "Pelangi" White Wash, 180cm-tall

Feng shui also mentions that it is not advisable to place a mirror right across the main door. In feng shui, the main door is known as the mouth of qi (life forces), where it enters the space of a home and bears positive energy to its resident. Placing mirrors across a door, on the other hand, pushes the energy away instead of welcoming qi into the home as desired.

Additionally, you need to also keep mirrors out of the kitchen, especially if they are facing a stove. Feng shui believes that such a placement is believed to host negative energy, in a place where you produce food. Logically speaking, mirrors may not be able to withstand heat coming from the stove and may crack - we don’t want that, right?

Do you have any other tips for home decorating using mirrors? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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