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Where to Buy Wood Carvings in Bali?

The perfect place to buy quality wood carvings in Bali

Do you enjoy shopping for furniture and homeware in Bali? Then you definitely should consider buying wood carvings in Bali - some art markets in Bali will provide you with all you need. Aside from beautifying and furnishing your home in a new style, wood carvings are another magnificent way to make your home stand out with beautiful and historic art decorations, as well as Bali souvenirs.

The perfect place to buy quality wood carvings in Bali

The people of Bali are known and renowned for creativity in their daily handmade offerings; hence, it is no surprise that the island has a bunch of artists with high quality artworks, many art markets and shops waiting to give you the home art.

That being said, if you are looking for beautiful and affordable wood carvings, art markets like Sukawati Market, Kuta art market, sunday market, Kumbasari market and many other notable galleries are available for you. Read through this write up, you will find what you can buy in Sukawati markets, traditional markets and other art galleries.

Sukawati Art Market

Shop for local artwork at Sukawati Market | Armini Bali Tour

When many people get to the Sukawati art market, the first question they ask is “what can I buy in the Sukawati market?” This is not in regard to the less availability of wood carvings and other artworks, rather, they are blown away by the large size of the Sukawati art market and the vast artworks embedded therein.

Taking a walk around the art markets and shops in Bali could be a bit draining- as you might have to walk endlessly while continually feeding your eyes with diverse beautiful pieces of arts and other unique discoveries and carvings for your Bali shopping.

However, if you are really in for a deal here, you will find cheaper wood carving at Sukawati markets than other art, or night markets and shops in Bali.

Nyoman Jendra

Nyoman Jendra has an art shop in Bali where you can check for your desired wood carvings and painting inclusive. Disregard its humble façade, the shop is filled with lots of great works of art which Nyoman Jendra creates uniquely.

You most likely will find no other kind of art in any art gallery, markets, shops or stalls selling in Bali. Satisfy your home needs by checking through their many artworks and carvings.

Mas Village

Rahayu Bali Transport Mas Village ( Wood Carving ) - Rahayu Bali ...


Mas Village is THE reference to buy qualitative wood carvings and sculptures in Bali. It is located in Ubud area (Gianyar Regency) and has a particular style in the carving of wood that highlights the synergy between humans and nature.

This village has become very famous, locally and internationally, because it was the cradle of many great Balinese sculpting artists, such late Ida bagus Tilem and others. Legend has it that Mas Village was born when a Brahmin who came from Majapahit visiting Bali in order to defend Hinduism against Islam in Java... So Mas Village is a place with a long history, which is definitely a must-see when in Bali!

Other places to buy quality wood carvings are but not limited to Adipati Soeryo Art Gallery and Theater Art Gallery.

Enjoy your wood carving hunt, and let us know if you've come across other spots worth visiting to buy Balinese art!

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