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What mirror to pick for your home?

A mirror is an object that has a fragile surface, which reflects images and light in their exact form. In recent times, the uses of the mirror have grown exponentially from what it used to be. Mirrors are no longer just something to add to your house cleaning routines but can be used for embellishment purposes and even safety. Mirrors add depth and undeniable beauty to any home decor.

There are different types of materials for different kinds of mirrors today. In past years, silver was the predominant material used to make mirrors, but today, glass is the most widely used material for mirrors. A mirror's thickness can vary from 3mm to 6mm, but various kinds of mirrors are best used for specific effects of home decor.

Floor Mirrors

Floor mirrors are of two types, concave and convex mirrors; their primary purpose is to amplify images. So not only do floor mirrors brighten your room, they make it seem larger than it is.  You can place a large mirror with a wooden frame on the floors of your room, rest it strategically against a wall. It would give your room a rustic feel, adding to the general charm of the decor.

Wall Mirrors

Usually,  wall mirrors are large and come in various kinds. You can hang or mount them on the wall, depending on their weight and size.

Wall mirrors with or without frames are okay; however, be sure to check the quality of mirror clips or brackets if you decide a frameless mirror is best for you.Hand carved mirror

Our beautiful Cahaya mirror can be used as a floor or wall mirror

Baroque Mirrors

This is a type of antique mirror that is full of traditional carvings and is generally bulky. It gives your room a royal feel because of its luxurious look. Baroque is almost like Rococo. The only difference is that rococo carvings are usually floral in design.

Dressing mirrors

This type of mirror is the most common in any household. It is mostly used for practical reasons, not just for decoration. Dressing mirrors are generally found in bedrooms or dressing rooms of any house. It is usually attached to a dressing table and a few drawers for storage. Although modern-day decor strives to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible, it doesn't in any way reduce the necessity of dressing mirrors. You can get a long dressing mirror mounted on the wall, or Cheval floor mirrors, as the trend is right now. Or you could get dressing mirrors with inbuilt storage space, and you are good to go.

Antique Mirrors

From the 17th century, when the antique mirror gained recognition in Italy till now, antique mirror continues to trend.

There are different types of antique mirrors available all over the world. Right now, the intricate designs of artistry found in the antique mirrors are greatly influenced by renaissance art and culture.

Swivel or Swing Arm Mirrors

This type of mirrors is usually used in small spaces or bathrooms. It is a two-sided mirror which extension, it is also known as extension mirror because of the extended arm.

Wrought Iron Mirrors

Mirrors with wrought iron frames are beautiful, lightweight, easy to maintain, and most of all, budget-friendly.

All these types of mirrors and more have their uses and style for different home decor. All you have to do is consider carefully what best suits your taste.

Hand carved mirrors

As a purveyor of Balinese home decor, Kulture is proud to offer a selection of hand carved wood mirrors, all hand made in Bali by local artisans. The woods used to make these mirrors are mango wood or teak wood for the higher range.

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