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Tips and tricks on hanging wall decor

Wall decor is very instrumental to the overall effect of your house. It can make your space look uncomfortable or drab if you don't know what to do.

You can make a small room seem larger in many ways; one of them is in how you decorate your walls.

You want your wall pieces to show off your sitting room or bedroom or firewall. You want them to compliment your space and not clash with your home decor. In case you do not own your house, it's also important to avoid damaging the wall.

Well, here are some tricks that might add a flair of ingenuity to your wall decor.

  1. The first thing you need to do is consider your wall and the size of your picture.

The weight, size, and shape of your picture, and how it will look against the purposed wall space, must be carefully considered before you take hold of your hammer and nails.

What kind of wall is best for the supplies you have? Is drilling okay for brick walls or tiles?

Can the plaster wall hold anything?

All these and more need to be considered before you start the project.

If you are being careful about damaging your walls with puncture holes, or you are not fully committed to the picture's position, you could use the 3M command adhesive hooks that are gaining popularity.

This non-invasive method of hanging pictures on your wall provides a temporary way to hang your photos, and it doesn't peel off the wall paint when removing them.

 Although this method is best used for light frames, it is unreliable for heavier frames.

  1. Ensure your supplies are complete and within reach. Apart from the essential tools like pencils, hammer, and measuring tapes, you need other necessary tools. You will need more weight-bearing supplies for heavier artworks.

Use small nails for light-weight pieces, picture hangers for medium weight pieces and big nails, stud finder, or wall plug anchors for bigger pieces. Also, you would need screws that fit them in and a screwdriver.

If you are hanging on glass or tile, you need good quality but low-profile adhesive hooks rather than nails and screws. Brick clamps are better on brick walls for mounting art pieces.

  1. Take some measurements. Creating a beautiful wall decor is an art. But there is a science to it, and that's through measurement. It makes your wall decor come off as professionally done.

If you are not up for hanging a heavier frame, you can lean it against the wall, the back of a chair, or even place it on a shelf.

With your pencil, you can draw how you want your pictures to look on the wall space, before hanging them.

Against a narrow or smaller wall, you could create a collage with small pieces. Give at least two inches gap between them.

Ensure that your frames are not wider than your chair if you are placing an artwork over one.

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