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Three Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture

Best Furniture Materials

We all know that it is forever summer in Singapore, and a lot of us - despite our lack of outdoor area, loves having outdoor patio furniture for relaxing. However, what is going to happen to them when they are exposed to torrential rain, howling winds, or scorching sun? We are sure you will want your outdoor furniture to endure different weather at all times.

You’re right! Different materials will make a huge difference here. When shopping for outdoor furniture, you're likely to search for many of the same qualities that you look for in your interior tables, chairs, and couches - which are durability, comfort, and style (and of course price). The main distinction is that patio furniture must withstand exposure to the elements. While there is no such thing as 100% waterproof patio furniture, there are significant distinctions dependent on the materials utilized.

Before making a decision, it is critical to fully grasp the advantages and disadvantages of various material possibilities. Determine how well each fits the needs of your household or commercial location, as well as your own tastes and objectives. Because each circumstance is different, the word “best” here is rather subjective, as the “best” material is contingent on matching your individual demands with the intrinsic attributes of your house.

Rattan Chair singapore

Rattan Petals Chair

The teak patio furniture

Out of all the possible wood choices for patio furniture, teak is so far the most popular selection - for all the good reasons. They are far superior to other wooden materials, in terms of sustaining different weathers. They can sustain even the harshest environment, give a unique, exceptional beauty to your outdoors, and it is warm in color, making them suitable for almost every household. 

Additionally, every teak-made furniture has a high oil and natural resin content, which means they are resistant to insect attacks and water permeation. The oils used while making teak furniture are also capable to protect the wood from dry rot, making teak an extremely strong and long-lasting furniture material option.

Teak wood furniture has a golden-honey brown hue when fresh. Teak wood will naturally age into an exquisite patina grey if left untreated. This type of aging has no effect on the strength of the wood, but it may not be the beauty you initially hoped for. A teak sealant will normally last a full year before needing to be reapplied to protect the original color from fading.

Rattan Coffee Table

Teak & Rattan Coffee Table "Satria"

Rattan is a “vine” option

Natural rattan originates from the fibers of palm trees, the vine, hanging tree that grows in the tropics. Rattan’s popularity is growing as outdoor furniture, due to its capability to sustain different weathers. It is resistant to Mother Nature’s different weathers; it is able to withstand different degrees of rainfalls and UV radiations. Rattan is not even comparable to synthetic or resin-made, as its warm, golden brown color gives a bit of upscale touch nowadays than it ever has. 

Rattan outdoor furniture has swiftly become one of the biggest trends in outdoor home décor and design, and you won't have to search far to see it adorning gardens and outdoor venues. The classic woven rattan texture is so beautiful that it is easily distinguishable, and has a sophisticated look sustaining trends, even many years to come. It perfectly blends country chic with modern minimalism, and it adds a touch of unique elegance.

It grows in the tropics, which means, it can sustain our Singaporean weather!

Metal helps

Previously, wrought iron was extremely popular as outdoor furniture. It was popular in the past, but it is no longer used in modern outdoor settings due to its hefty weight, proclivity to rust, and expensive care requirements. Aluminum and steel are the most often utilized metals for contemporary outdoor patio furniture these days.

One of the metal families that is popular nowadays is aluminum. It is extremely adaptable and may be extruded or cast into any form or design. Because of its lightweight and durability, it is an appealing alternative for outdoor furniture. Aluminum patio furniture is extremely minimal maintenance, since it does not rust like iron or steel when exposed to damp or salty outside air, nor does it dry out or crack like most hardwood furniture when exposed to the sun. The only place where aluminum outdoor furniture is not recommended is in areas prone to severe winds.

People have also been favoring steel. It is the strongest metal, yet it is also the heaviest, priciest, and easiest to rust against the wind. Hence, many people have turned their heads to stainless steel, which is the best alternative for outdoor furniture. Stainless steel is a great corrosion-resistant material for outdoor furniture, and it needs to be in certain grades to be able to sustain the environment it lives in long-term. Don’t worry, many stainless steelworks in Singapore are experienced to create stainless steel furniture suitable to our weather - so it’s all for our convenience!

Which outdoor furniture material is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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