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The Right Rattan Lampshades to Amplify Your House's Beauty

We all love rattan. 

As one of the most sought-after materials for home decoration, it gives a rustic, tropical country touch while enlivening the rooms to another level. The material is strong enough to resist different climates all year long, making it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. 

Rattan is one of the world's climbing palms. Most of the global supply comes from the rainforests of Southeast Asia, for instance, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The rest of the reserve is covered by the rainforests of similar-climate South Asian countries, like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Rattan is unique, it is able to grow hundreds of meters long in the form of vines, which are able to deter herbivores in the forest. Other than that, this vine shapes the main structure to the plant, and it will do the same when converted to furniture. 

Rattan "home decoration"

For home decoration, rattan has gone way further beyond a climbing, vined tree in a rainforest. The quintessential appearance, distinctive color tone, and robustness have elevated the interior and exterior design methods to another level. Before this, people in tropical countries had been using rattan for only patio furniture, but now it has gone beyond (or within!) to even bedrooms! 

Nowadays, many designers recommend using rattans in different interior sections of the house, in the form of baskets, couch structures, and even mirror borders. Furniture designers convert rattan into many pieces of furniture and home decoration, as rattan’s naturally unique shade fits right into any fashion, including tropical, traditional, classical, bohemian, and even multi-colored, contemporary styles! Better yet,  it is also widely available and affordable, which enables home redecoration without breaking the bank. 

For decorative pieces, rattans is a great standalone material for home decorations, however, it also can be combined with other materials, like wood and metal. Now, can you imagine having it hanging beautifully from the ceiling though? When used as lampshades, ratttans can lighten up, warmly, the ambience of your house. The intricately woven strands will warm your room up from above, with lights peeking through each of the fibers. It transforms the room into a casual, relaxed one, and instantly invites you to get cozy and snuggle in a pool of plush pillows. 

Rattan Lampshades

How cute can rattan lampshades be? Let’s check it out! 

Sarang in Classical Color

Sarang Rattan Home Decor
50cm in diameter. 2kg.

No, it is not Saranghaeyo, but the ambience it gives is as loving, warm, and beautiful as love can be. The Sarang lamp shade has a quintessentially strong characteristic you cannot possibly miss. The rattan fibers have been carved individually, and entwine to each other to resemble a nest - the English translation for Sarang. 

This piece is great to warm up your dining or living room.

Nina in Natural Shade

Nina natural shade

1,25 meters wire. 2kg.

Nina is beautiful; it gives a classy touch to the room and becomes an exquisite epicenter of your house. Nina does not boast, she just sits there yet eyes rest upon her charm. The lamp shade’s shape twists as a seashell, which automatically creates a warm, tropical atmosphere of the beautiful Bali and brings you right in there. 

Nina is great for your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Gianyar in Rattan Tone

Lamp Shades Rattan
1,25 meters wire. 2kg.

Have you ever seen rattan classical color combined with a contemporary touch? This lamp shade is its living proof! It is unequal among the others, and will give your house a unique, natural touch which will never get old in spite of time. 

Gianyar will be exceptionally beautiful when hung from the ceiling of your reading room or bedroom. 

So, what’s your style? Which lamp shade is your favorite? Let us know by commenting in the section below!

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