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The Meaning of Buddhist Symbols in Balinese Craft

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Do you know the meaning of the lotus flower mandala? If you have ever desired to use the lotus design as part of your yoga decor, you should be aware of its significance. It is one of the most ancient and revered Buddhist symbols. It represents a great many different ideas, all of them highly relevant to this religious system.

The Lotus Design is a Classic Symbol of Rebirth 

The lotus flower has long been one of the most common Buddhist symbols. The lotus flower mandala represents rebirth, in a symbolic as well as a literal sense. The rebirth that it signifies can take the form of many different things. 

For example, it can be a classic piece of yoga décor that represents a new change of ideas or perceptions. In many lands, it represents the final acceptance of Buddha where there was previously no recognition of this great sage. It can also stand for the dawn that comes after you have faced your very darkest day.

The lotus design can also represent the significance of a new ability to see what went wrong in your life as well as to right the wrongs that you may have committed in the past. In this sense, it can be a powerful symbol of the new mental and physical wellness that you have been recently able to gain through yoga and meditation.

Lotus flower pattern

Beautiful white Java stucco patterned on the boundary wall. Vintage white wall bas-relief stucco in plaster, depicts Lotus flowers background.

The Variety of Symbols in Buddhism Goes Well Beyond the Lotus

Of course, you should also be aware that there are plenty more symbols to be found in Buddhism. Many of these other symbols, such as the karma wheel, the dragon, and the figure of the Buddha himself, adorn millions of décor items all through Indonesia. 

Wooden Buddha statuette

Classic Buddha wood statuette made in Bali

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