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The Four Important Elements You Need to Have in Your Bedroom

Do you know that on average, every human being spends around ⅓ of their lives in their bedroom? 

Mind-blowing, right? In other words, your bedroom is essentially the most important space in your house. Especially with the current exposure and demand of the digital world, the need for high quality sleep and rest is almost unavoidable. Even if you spend less of those hours in your bedroom, it is important for it to incorporate all the components of restfulness and relaxation. Your bedroom has to serve both functional and beautiful designs, as you would like it to be your sanctuary to unwind and rejuvenate. Essentially, you want all the necessary elements of a great bedroom to eliminate sleep interruptions, while still being aesthetically pleasing. Remember, guys, a good night's sleep is important for your physical and mental health!

Also, do you know that a good quality sleep is important to enhance concentration hence productivity at work? According to research, being well-rested has shown the advantages to our immune functions, longevity, and even help you lose weight! 

So, what are the elements you need in your bedroom? Let’s check it out!

Sleep well, my friend!

First thing first, of course, a superior mattress and bed. Based on your preference, you can pick either firm or soft mattress for that perfect night sleep. Spend a little more on your mattress, while still being cautious on the quality of the mattress. Before making the big purchase, try out your potential mattresses in the showroom, and ask for the trial period and returns. 

Little tip: Flip or turn your mattress to prevent troughs from forming every six months. Also, buy a new mattress every eight to 10 years. 

bed headboards

A good quality mattress and bed frame can change the way you sleep!

Everything in its places

A tidy bedroom promotes better sleep. A tidy bedroom promotes a healthier state of mind. Now repeat that while buying furniture for your bedroom. 

It is important to assign storage for all the things you have in your bedroom to keep it tidy.

carved beside table

Nightstand can act as storage and decoration in the bedroom

carved trunk

And so is this trunk!

For example, a nightstand can store your smaller items and help erect bedside lamps, while also acting as home decoration items. And for the bigger ones, you can use a trunk - like the one above. Both pieces of furniture are one of the many examples where functionality meets design, which we think is exceptional!

A desk, if you don’t have an office

Most of us here live in an apartment without an office, which essentially has turned a part of our bedroom into a workspace. Fundamentally, it is important to divide your workspace from your bed, as it gives you a bit of space to focus and unwind. In other words, we don’t recommend working from the bed, so a desk is crucial here!

Carved desk singapore

Get a desk with little storage systems to keep your work-related items

The right and pretty home decor!

Now that we’ve nailed functionality in decorating your bedroom, why not now talk about pretty home decor pieces?

First, identify your design style by picking those that fit your home and personality. Second, have fun picking those home decor pieces, because other than beautification, it can definitely also lift up your mood!

Check out Kulture Deco’s curated home decoration pieces we think are suitable to enliven your bedroom!

room divider

Room divider to separate your workspace and your bed

Rattan mirror

Rattan mirror to spice up getting ready in the morning


Laundry baskets

Laundry baskets

What are your favorite home decor pieces? And how do you like to decorate your bedroom? Let us know in the comment section below!

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