The charms of carved furniture

The charms of carved furniture

There is something sleek about hand-carved furniture. Talk of the fineness of the wood combined with its different shades of earthly colour and customized designs- all you need to achieve that polished, clean (yes, that's the word) interior decoration in your home. Carved furniture is in different forms and can be used to furnish any part of your home: tables; coffee tables, bedside tables, console tables, shelves, chairs which come in their unique designs, wood choice and colours. Kulture home deco provides a collection of unique carved furniture designs you could get lost in.

Hand made furniture design

You will find the beauty of carved furniture in its versatility. You can use carved furniture in any style to achieve your most desired home interior design. Whether you want to achieve a traditional design with elaborate furnishings and an abundance of accessories or a minimalist design with simple furnishings and neutral colours, carved furniture is all you need to nail the look.

The variety of carved furniture in colours

Carved furniture comes in different furniture and colours too. There are different types of woods used in making beautifully carved furniture. There are various woods available to give the colour that suits your taste. Take a look at these amazing console tables that we have in stock for you.

 Carved Bedside Table "Ratu" - Natural WashThe charms of carved furniture

Below is a handcrafted center table made from teak wood. Teak is one of the most expensive and popular pieces of furniture known for its strength and durability. Teak furniture is unlikely to suffer rot and can be used indoors for a lifetime. Another thing that makes teak furniture most desirable to homeowners and decorators is its colour. When used indoors and oiled regularly, your teak furniture will be sure to retain its warm, golden colour. When used outdoors, natural elements can make it silver-grey but just as beautiful.

Old teak center table

In whatever form it is, carved furniture can help set the tone for the design you want to achieve. We provide carved furniture to accentuate other pieces of furniture in your home. Check out these foldable room dividers below

Room Divider "Cakra" 170 cm - Aqua

Room Divider "Pagi"- 170 cm - White

The variety of carved furniture in designs

It is even more amazing how just one piece of furniture such as a table can have different magical designs and patterns.

 Carved teak console table "Sandhita" - Natural Wash

Three-Drawer Table "Melintas"

Console table "Langit"

The use of Medium Density Fiberboard in carved furniture

Medium Density Fiberboard might be a strange term to you as a homeowner. However, it is a material that screams durability, one of the many reasons carved furniture is a wise option for your home decoration. Medium Density Fiberboard is a flexible material that takes on different shapes well. Medium Density Fiberboard also takes on wood glue well, what's more, it allows for wood painting.

There is no limit to what you can achieve with the use of carved furniture and how much charm and life it can bring to your interior design. 

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