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The Beauty of Rice Paddies in Bali

Rice paddies are definitely a must-see in the Island of Gods and let's face it... We could spend hours sipping a strong Balinese coffee and staring at these amazing man-made yet very natural landscapes! 

Balinese rice terraces are always a beauty to behold, with the sun reflecting off the water in the rice fields that covers a large area with a steep rolling scenery. These amazing agricultural landscapes offer a stunning trail you can hike through this beautiful arrangement is made possible by the natural slope of the land and the planting arrangement of the local farmers.

So which rice paddies should you consider check-out while in Bali? Here is a list of some gorgeous spots you should see to enjoy the green freshness of nature.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces around Ubud

The tegalalang village located in the north of Bali is home of lush green rice paddies with valleys and slopes of beautiful rice terraces. To get this amazing view, take a tour of the rice fields in Bali in the early morning and enjoy the beautiful vast landscape.

In addition to its different levels of rice terrasse, it also offers a wide range of stunning rice, plants and greenery available all year round. Tegalalang is a great place to take awesome photos as it is a heritage site for rice terraces in Bali.

Jatiluwih Rice Terraces

Get a unique experience at the jatiluwih beautiful rice terraces, with its rice field arranged like stairs of nature on the hills and highlands, which is complemented with mountain village that provide an amazing background view. Jatiluwih is a nice rice paddy you should visit on the west coast of Bali to get a view of nature.

Jatiluwih rice terraces

Belimbing Rice Terraces

A traditional Balinese village with beautiful rice paddies, located just on the way to Jatiluwih. You can go exploring the fields in the morning on a cycling tour to partake of a breath-taking view as mount Batukaru serves as a scrim.

A morning walk through the fields when it’s cool and breezy will also give you an opportunity to see the farmers and local villagers tending to the crops and understanding the traditions behind these rice paddies; thereby, giving you the opportunity to appreciate the view best.

Munduk Rice Terraces

Munduk rice terraces are quite unique in terms of the view and the various points of interest, with incredible insights into the life cycle of rice and coffee plantations at different times in the year.

For a great experience, they have hotels located in the middle of the rice fields that allow easy access to go wandering through the luscious rice terrace. It is bound to be a worthwhile trip.



In the pupuan village, the natural slopes have provided a foundation for a beautifully arranged Balinese rice terrace. The view is enhanced with orchards as an added beauty to the area.

A trip to this rice paddy in Bali will give you a calming effect, and provide you with beautiful scenery that will be at one with your body and soul.


A rice terrace you can't miss is the rendang rice paddy, because of it's fascinating view and background.  It offers a wide shade of green and freshness. The rendang Bali rice field is a must-see, and it is located at a swell spot in east Bali.

The rice paddies in Bali are really a typical Balinese sight and an awe-inspiring experience to be seen first-hand, which also includes other side attractions traditional dye weavings. A visit to the Balinese rice terraces should be on your to-do list when visiting Bali.

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