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The beauty of mandala in balinese wood carving

What is a mandala? A Mandala is a spiritual geometric circle that is believed to help with focus.

Practitioners of various Indian religions such as Shintoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and so on, use this symbol.

A mandala is a spiritual tool used to establish a sacred space, as an aid to meditation and trance induction, and as a guidance tool.

In summary, a mandala is a symbol used to help people focus while meditating. It also helps maintain a sense of oneness with the universe.

Why the Balinese use mandalas In their wood carvings?

The Balinese are highly spiritual people, and they believe that the altars for their gods situated that the corners of every home are going to bring good fortune.

Thus, they pray and make offerings to these gods with incense and flowers every day. In a typical Balinese altar, you can see women offering flower mandalas (which is the symbol of the universe). Within the mandala are patterns, balance, and repetition to help focus on the magnitude of the world.

This is what they hope to achieve when the sculptors and woodcarvers inculcate mandala designs into their woodcraft.

Mandalas wood carving design is meant to expose your mind to the beauty and sacredness of nature. It makes you feel at one with the universe.

Bali is known to provide detailed, high quality and unique artistry in their artistry. Wood carvings are lovingly designed to portray the stories and traditions of this Island people.

This is why the Balinese take great stock in showing off their identity and cultural heritage through their designs. If you walk through the streets of Bali, you will see various flower mandalas and beautiful flowering trees that the women use as offerings to make prayers to the gods.

The woodcarvers, like every other artisan in Bali, use the mandalas design to expose the beauty and sacredness of nature.

Having a wood carving such as headboard panels or wall hangings with the mandalas design is a great way to add a touch of the island culture to your home decor. It adds that traditional boho looks to any space.

You see, beauty is essential to the Balinese as they see it as a gift from the gods. That's why they infuse their wood carvings with the beauty they feel and experience every day, little wonder their craftsmanship is always superb.

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