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Sourcing value-for-money furniture in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most expensive city in the world. Moving into your new house or redecorating your home is so exciting until you realise how much you have to spend on home decor alone. But it doesn't have to be so. You can totally get affordable furniture to suit your ideas.

Here are a few ways to get started:

  1. The internet is your best friend! From home decor trends to cute stores for inexpensive items, you can never go wrong with searching the internet.

Before embarking on a massive project like decorating your house, find out decor styles that best suit your personality. Also, find out where you can buy furniture and quaint pieces to create what you have in mind.

You don't have to break the bank to get a piece of furniture from Singapore, simply look out for stores that can sell you a beautiful piece of furniture for a song!

  1. Look out for stores having clearance sales. It is a time-honoured secret to get deep discounts from stores that want to clear off old stock or close down their shop.

 You won't believe the fantastic items you could buy there for low prices. Most of the furniture pieces are in great condition, and could be sold anywhere else for way more than you can get it here.

How's that for getting huge value for your money, eh?

  1. Plan ahead. You don't have to search out ideas when you are ready to move. You could start your research early, to save you the time and stress of moving and searching for the right pieces at the same time.

Simply start stacking what you need little by little. A piece here, some furniture there. It won't be a bad idea to know all the stores you can find that sells all that you need for low prices. Watch out for flash sales, clearance sales, or going out of market stores.

  1. Buy from manufacturers or wholesale dealers. Buying cheap furniture in Singapore is possible. Check out the best manufacturers of your item in Singapore and find out their rates. Buying from wholesalers or even manufacturers will cut down on costs in a significant way.
  2. Buy from stores with reasonable return policies. Many online stores deliver less than expected; it's not new. To avoid this scam, ensure that the store you want to buy from has a reasonable return policy. Some online stores allow as much as 100 days to return a product with no questions asked. That way, if what you ordered ends up not true to the picture or is defective, you can send it right back. Some stores even have showrooms close to you or entertain requests for fabric swatches, take advantage of their offer. Also, do yourself a favor by checking out what other buyers have to say about that store. Saves you the headache of a back and forth.

Planning to move to Singapore in the next few months? If you have the opportunity to travel to Singapore before moving in, perfect, you can plan ahead, map out possible stores where cheap furniture is sold Singapore, and plan to visit them.

 At the end of the day, what matters is you are happy with what you have gotten without going broke!

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