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Rattan Furniture: a sustainable and natural alternative

Rattan is the oldest natural fibre known to man. It is quite similar to bamboo but not hollow to the middle. It is stronger than bamboo which makes it a great material for furniture making. Aside just being stronger than bamboo, qualities that make rattan excellent for the construction of indoor and outdoor furniture are: its colour, fibre strength, light weight, water and weather resistance. Let us now see how this natural furniture is a better alternative to plastic.

  1. Rattan furniture are durable

Rattan furniture is strong and can stand harsh conditions. Well-constructed rattan furniture is sturdy and doesn’t suffer from wear and tear like plastic furniture does. For instance, baby cots made from rattan offer full support and will likely never break no matter how times they topple over if they ever do. Plastics on the other hand do not do well with falls and are not easily repaired. Rattan furniture will stay the same under the sun, in the snow, in the rain. Its strong fibres offer it that desired resistant property which plastics will never be able to boast of.

Rattan baby cot

Rattan baby cot sold by Kulture

  1. Rattan furniture are versatile

Their natural colour saves you the stress of looking for furniture that can easily blend into your home’s colour scheme. No matter the colour and style, rattan furniture will always settle into the general design and offer a warm and visual interest without disturbing the normal balance. Rattan accepts stain and varnish and can be coloured from light to dark. This is another reason why rattan furniture will always serve better functions than their plastic counterparts.

Their ability to be woven allows for exciting and unlimited designs which allows you express your style. Rattan mirror frames and bed headboards are pieces worth having. They feeling of warmth they add to any home is priceless. Plastic furniture cannot do these because they are inflexible and their colours may often be distracting especially if you have hard luck finding pieces with same colour as your home’s colour scheme. Rattan furniture are very easy to maintain

Furniture made out rattan does not require oiling and or treatment with preservative. Dusting with a brush is all you’ll ever have to worry about with rattan furniture.

Rattan mirror

  1. Rattan furniture makes for easy mobility

Talk about moving stuff from one position or place to another, furniture made from rattan are lightweight and are very easy to transport. This is great if you have to move your baby’s cot with your baby sleeping in it. As an outdoor furniture, rattan pieces make life easier for you especially if you like to switch your home’s decoration up every now and then.

  1. Rattan furniture are economic and pocket-friendly

As gorgeous as rattan furniture pieces are, they are cost effective. They are relatively cheaper than wood and serve better functionality than wood and plastic in terms of repair, mobility and general maintenance.

Lovers of nature and natural furniture will definitely be smiling at how much value they can get even with a low budget when they choose rattan furniture. Babies furniture made from rattan are trending and many homes are beginning to kick plastics. Who wouldn’t after enjoying the many benefits of rattan?

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