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Original Gift Ideas from Bali

Decorating your home with little souvenirs gotten from Bali has a way of adding originality to your home decor; it brings a little piece of adventure into your space. What better way to keep your memories of your travel close, by getting little, inexpensive treasures around your home! Not only that, you could gift these finds to friends and family when you return, it's a way to get them to have a taste of the adventures you enjoyed in Bali. So here are some original gift ideas from Bali that would look great hanging around your house.
Gorgeous Fabrics from Threads of Life.
In Bali, traditional Batik fabrics are created and handwoven by skillful Indonesian women. Threads of life created an amazing initiative that supports and empowers thousands of Indonesian weavers from at least 11 islands across the Indonesian Archipelago. These women use traditional methods and instruments such as natural dyes, local materials, and stunning ikats to weave traditional fabrics that tell and preserve ancient folklore and cultural heritage passed on from generation to generation.
Threads of Life uses a business model that sells these original traditional fabrics to thousands of Islanders and visitors. With the money realized, they are able to empower women to overcome poverty.
Buying these gorgeous fabrics is a way of supporting the local community and bringing home a unique souvenir with amazing history and quality. You could take it a step further by learning how these traditional fabrics are made; weaving your own personality or uniqueness through the batik.

handmade fans from Balinese batik fabric

Exotic hand fans made with bamboo & beautiful Balinese batik fabric.

Crafted Art.

Bali is full of unusual craftsmanship and tourism encourages local artisans to promote their wonderful crafts. Getting some of these handcrafted artworks will not only give your home a unique look and feel, but it will also remind you of your adventure while touring the city of Bali.

Till today, handicrafts are one of the best souvenirs to shop for at Bali. From vintage furniture, wall art to handmade terracotta, there are lots of amazing handmade items to choose from that would give your home a real slice of Bali. The best places to get various handcrafts is Ubud market, the Souq or Mercredi stores in Seminyak.

handcrafts from Bali

Beautiful handcrafts from Bali


There are lots of amazing furniture in Bali that would add a vintage feel to your home decor. Your home should project your personality and quirkiness, what better way to do that, than having pieces of your adventures placed strategically around your house? Some Bali furniture is sure to make your home look interesting and fun! Bali furniture includes canvas art, chisel chairs, antique furniture, and even wall paintings, all these and more project real class and elegance from Bali. You can check out Bambooku and Kuluk gallery for some treasure finds within a budget, but if you don't mind spending, Saya Gallery in Seminyak is a good place to splurge on vintage furniture.

Beautiful Accent living room chairs

 Beautiful Accent living room chairs.

Shopping of souvenirs at Bali is an awesome way to enjoy your tour and bring home a slice of adventure and unforgettable memories.

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