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Nusa Penida: A Must-see in Bali

After the confinement, we're all waiting to be able to travel again! Let's dream a little! 

A truly magical experience with rocks, cliffs, coral reefs, and clear blue water with waves crashing against it, coupled with hidden waterfalls. It has a religious significance to the Balinese people; the Island is a great place of spiritual connection. Welcome to Nusa Penida!

Just come along with your swimsuits, sarong, and sunscreen to explore the hidden beauty of this stunning Island with its beaches and bays. Indeed, a visit to Bali can never be complete without a tour of the Nusa Penida Island; it is definitely one of the best spots to go visit when in Bali.

Things to do in Nusa Penida

There is so much to do on the Island; so, it is advisable to spend a few days in the area, enjoying the beauty the Island has to offer. Here are some of the things to do on Nusa Penida Island.

Kelingking Beach

When you are on the Island, head straight to Kelingking beach; it is a very popular spot for touring. The roads are naturally broken and steep, so you’re in for a workout, and it is always good to go wearing comfortable footwear that will allow you climb down to the beach easily and enjoy the cerulean view.

Angel’s Billabong

It is a natural pool formed from rocks that open to the ocean, which features great waves from the ocean for you to enjoy. The broken beach is close to this spot, and it has rocks and tunnels; mind you, it is advised to be careful here, as the waves can be deadly.

Angel’s Billabong

Crystal Bay

This is the best spot for snorkeling. It has crystal clear waters, filled with sea life such as unicorns, turtles, fishes, and dazzling corals. All these creatures can be seen just a few meters below the shoreline. It is beyond any doubt, an amazing snorkeling experience.

Manta Point

As the name implies, manta point is the best place to spot Manta Rays. You can also swim here, but it is usually very crowded because it is a famous tourist site. This does not mean you cannot enjoy your time there - trust me; everyone just wants to see the amazing sea creature.

Manta Point Nusa Penida

Cave Temple

A visit to the cave temple on the Island is a traditional experience. There are two major temples on the Island located inside large caves; Pura Dalem Ped, the temple of the dark spirits, and Pura Goa Giri Putri, the Giri Princess cave. A blessing from the spirit is believed to be given during a visit to the temple.

Accommodation on Nusa Penida

The numerous activities on the Island cannot be completed all in a day trip. You should stay back, rent a scooter in the day, and enjoy the moonlight and amazing sunset view.  Here are a few suggestions for you to stay on the Nusa Penida

  • Rumah Pohon treehouse
  • The Airbnb on the hill
  • Kompyang cottage
  • Asoka Bungalows and so much more
How to get to Nusa Penida from Bali

    Fast boats and public ferry are the boat services available to get to the Island, and they are located at different points on the Bali Mainland such as Sanur to Nusa Penida, Padang Bai and Tanjong Benoa. 

    The departure time from Sanur beach to Nusa Penida varies, and the trip is made in 45 minutes. You can also book your boat tickets online.

    Have fun exploring and don't forget to take lots of selfies!

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