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MDF Home Deco Panels for That Empty Wall? Why Not!

Home Deco Panels on an Empty Wall

In fundamental theories of home interior design, empty walls are full of potentials! You have to agree with us on this because you get to decorate empty walls with almost whatever you want. Many hang different home decorative items there, for instance, fine arts, modern arts, and even home decorative panels, which can almost instantly lift up the room’s atmosphere. Hanging ornamental home deco panels on an empty wall enhances your individuality. It also instantly revitalizes the space, by instilling new feelings of elegance and sophistication. 

Why our decorative panels are made out of medium-density fiberboard

Wall panels are available in a wide range of materials, colors, and patterns, providing for a wide range of options and applications. The ones in our collection at Kulture Deco are mostly made of medium-density fiberboard/MDF, which is strong enough to withstand different climates. MDF is created by removing hardwood or softwood residues and converting them into wood fibers. These compressed wood fibers are usually blended with wax and a resin binder at high temperature and pressure, then molded into panels, depending on the final product's purpose. This method produces a board that is stronger and denser than ordinary particleboard. 

In addition, MDF is quite inexpensive when compared to other wood-based home decor items. Other than its lightweights, MDF-made home decor panels are exceptionally long-lasting and of the highest quality, and they're quite simple to customize with a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. Due to its smoothness, MDF home decor panels can be painted in a variety of colors and overlaid with a variety of coatings, including laminated panels, ultra-high gloss coatings, lacquered coatings, and even wood veneers. 

Essentially, the universe of MDF home decor panels will undoubtedly enlarge your household! Feeling wild and funky? Hang a turquoise-colored panel on the wall of your living room! Trying to achieve a sense of tranquility and nature? Hang a wooden-colored panel on your bedroom’s wall! Feeling luxurious and classical? Easy! Opt for one of the contrast - the darkest or lightest hue for your dining room’s wall!

Also, do you know that all Kulture Deco’s home decorative panels are handmade by local craftsmen in Ubud, Central Bali? Every piece has been carefully and intricately designed, carved, and painted to its prime beauty, only for those who are really missing traveling to the Island of Gods!

Kulture Deco’s curated decorative panels in a glance

freesia decorative panel

Freesia is the name of the lovely flower up there, and it is the perfect choice when you are feeling funky!

In Indonesian/Malay, Freesia is a tropical flower, also known as Bunga Harum, or fragrant flowers. Freesia's look, true to its name, speaks fragrance louder than before. The big frame has a traditional, yet distinct Balinese feel to it, as seen in temples and local settlements. How lovely would it be to have this gem hanging on the wall of your dining room?

decorative panel emas
Meet Emas!

It literally means gold in both Indonesian and Malay, and for many of us on the Kulture Deco team, it is the gold piece. With lovely waterlily floral curves and handpainted golden colors, this intricate mandala will instantly add some shine. It will definitely enhance the ambiance of your house, and even become the focal point of the room!

decorative wall panels

As tropical as Tropis!

When you hear the word tropical, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The beach, coconuts, and palm trees? Yes, you are correct! Our Tropis panel is painted in dual colors: natural brown and brilliant blue, with burnt edges to deepen the panel and offer a unique touch. Tropis will not only add a tropical touch but will also lift the ambiance to a stylish one!

So, which one is your favorite panel from our collection? Let us know in the comment section below!



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