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How to pick the right colours for your furniture?

Colours are an integral part of anything including your home, it tells much about a person's personality. You can't afford to be negligent about how your home decor comes together because you would have to live in it for however long. It is therefore important that you love your house, let it put you at ease and tell people a little about who you are. One of the ways you could do this is by choosing the right colour scheme for your furniture.

Choosing the colour of your furniture is no mean feat. You would have to ensure that the furniture goes well with the dominant theme of your house. This will entail coordinating your furniture pieces to blend in with the colour scheme of the room. The beauty of your furniture should be enhanced by the colours of the walls and ceilings.

Here are some simple tips that can help you when choosing your furniture colours.


One major factor you need to consider when choosing colours for your furniture is how well will they go with the lighting? Whether natural or artificial lighting, your color tones should not clash, instead there should be a harmony between them.

Sunny, airy rooms go well with darker, heavier colors. For dark rooms where the sun doesn't often have impact, you could use brighter, lighter colours to even the tone. Also consider the lights installed in the house to make sure there's no colour clash.

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Neutral colours will naturally pop in a room with plenty of natural light

Room dimensions

Colours have a way of making a room look bigger or smaller than they really are. So if you have a large space, you could try using heavy black tones or dark wood finish. For smaller room choose bright colours for your furniture.


Where do you need these furnitures? Could be your bedroom, sitting room, kid's room or even your garden! Your furniture's colours should blend seamlessly with the space.

Your style

You have to consider your style or what suits your taste. If you are one who loves being bold and flashy, choose furnitures that speak your personality but in a classy and elegant manner.

Existing furniture

How your new furniture blends with existing furniture is something you also have to consider. The new furniture you're buying shouldn't look awkward or outlandish when placed between existing furniture. Make sure the colour blends in quite well to give your house a put-together feel.


For every season there are trends to follow. In 2019, the trend is bold, carefree and chic. In choosing colour tones for your furniture, you could consider going with what's trending. Trends are inspirational and serve as a guide when decorating your space. They shouldn't override your personal or unique touch that makes the house all about you.

Baby room furniture

Light and pastel colours are great for baby room furniture

With the right colour of furniture, you would be able to give your room beauty, comfort and peace. Who wouldn't want to come home to that? If you're still confused about just how well your intended furniture could blend into your space, you could check on pinterest for furniture colour ideas. To make things much easier, you could use the services of an interior designer.

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