How to Combine Contemporary and Antique Home Furniture

How to Combine Contemporary and Antique Home Furniture

Your home interior's visual appeal is a significant part of creating a cosy living space for visitors and residents. A well-designed and aesthetically pleasing interior can create a sense of warmth and relaxation. It can also reflect the homeowner's personality and style, making it a unique and personalised space. 

And being a responsible homeowner means looking for creative ways to improve its visual appeal. Although there's nothing wrong with creating a unified look by sticking to contemporary or antique home decor, sometimes the best way to impress your guests is to combine modern designs with antique pieces. It will create an exciting contrast in the room with different textures, shapes, and styles. 

If you want to blend modern and antique furniture precisely, this article will provide seven tips on how to do it correctly. 

  1. Maximise the Power of Repetition

Mixing antique and contemporary home decor can add visual interest and allow for creativity. It also offers them the flexibility to customise a space they can proudly call theirs. However, if you prefer a mix of styles, you shouldn't combine too many elements because it may result in an uncoordinated appearance. 

You can create a harmonious look by connecting your furniture using a shared colour palette, pattern, or material. You must also find a shared feature that antique and modern items share.

  1. Add Oversized Antiques in Smaller Spaces

Combining antique and modern home decor can create a sense of grandeur, starting with a vintage focal point like a stripped-down dining table and adding modern accents.

For instance, you can make your tiny living room look larger by using larger furniture like an oversized English oak writing desk or a plush mid-century saucer-shaped sofa. 

  1. Add Textiles for Touchable Dimensions

All homeowners want to create a cosy and timeless interior for guests and residents, especially after a hectic day. And you can do so by using vintage textiles. You can add colour and contrast to your living space using animal-printed carpet runners, shag-pile area rugs, or hand-knotted Persian carpeting. However, if you have brightly upholstered furniture, balance it out by choosing earth-toned fabrics.

  1. Use the 80/20 Decorating Rule

You can seamlessly blend modern and antique home decor by following the 80/20 rule. It suggests that most of your furniture should be modern unless you're an avid antique collector. In contrast, you can use the remaining 20% for small vintage accents like old books, maps or a unique clock.

  1. Experiment with Lighting and Reflection

Lighting fixtures are an easy way to blend the old and new styles. Add a salvaged pendant light or an intricate Art Nouveau Tiffany glass chandelier to a modern room if you don't know how. You can also add character and reflect light in a space by adding a 17th-century French gilt mirror. 

  1. Insert a Subtle Nod to the Past

When mixing vintage and modern furniture, you can begin decorating a thoroughly modern area in your home. For instance, you can enhance your modern kitchen by adding an antique cabinet for storage and personality. It will create a balanced look, not disrupt the space’s contemporary feel. You can also make the vintage piece fit seamlessly with the decor by following antique restoration tips. 

  1. Feel Free to Try Unexpected Colour Combinations

Mixing modern and antique furniture styles is about contrasts and bold colour choices. Although you should stick to a defined colour scheme, you can also choose vibrant shades. Focus on balance and carefully build a collection that suits your style for a cohesive look.


Mixing modern and antique home decor and furniture helps create a unique space, but improper techniques can make your living area look messy and unappealing. You can flawlessly blend the past and the present by focusing on balance, sticking to a colour palette and finding pieces that fit your needs. 

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