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How to Care for Your MDF Decorative Panels

Caring For Your Decorative Panels

Most of Kulture Deco’s decorative panels are made of MDF, or the medium-density fiberboard. The team prefers MDF as the main material, as it is affordable and able to withstand different climates. MDF is made by removing hardwood and softwood residues into wood fibers. Afterwards, the compressed wood fibers will be generally mixed with wax and a resin binder under high temperature and pressure, then molded into the final product. This technique creates a board that is denser and stronger than regular particleboards.

Additionally, when compared to other wood-based home décor goods, MDF is quite affordable. Aside from its lightness, MDF-made home décor panels are extremely durable and high-quality, and they're easy to personalize with a range of colors, sizes, and finishes. In Kulture Deco’s style, we optimize MDF’s smoothness and beauty. Our craftsmen in Bali paint Kulture Deco’s MDF home décor panels and bed headboards in beautiful colors. They also layer these panels and headboards with a variety of coatings, such as laminated panels, ultra-high gloss coatings, lacquered coatings, and even wood veneers, due to their smoothness.

Handmade decorative panel

Carved Bed Headboard "Manusa" - Natural

It's a fantastic material for home décor and interior design that only requires little upkeep from time to time. If you take care of these MDF babies, they will last a long time. Of course, we want our home décor panels to have the same color and seem brand new at all times. The way to achieve that is to care for it, and pay attention to some pointers we will discuss below. 

Let’s have a look below!

Dos and don’ts

Kulture Deco’s wall decorative panels are consistent, yet unique. They are often laminated in different coatings to create beautiful textures, or painted in alluring colors. Our favorites are gold, green, and white; the gold is so classy, green is so lively, and the white is so Bali!

 Decorative Panel Care

Decorative Panel "Freesia" - 90 cm

How to keep them looking new all the time? 

  • Avoid placing MDF items in direct sunlight, near heaters, or on damp or rough surfaces.
  • Clean the surfaces with a gentle, white, clean cotton cloth on a regular basis.
  • MDF home decor pieces should not be used outdoors.
  • Avoid putting the surfaces into touch with items that might stain or dirty them to maintain them looking their best.

Cleaning tips

After adhering to the dos and don’ts, let’s check out some cleaning tips the Kulture Deco team has curated for you below:

  1. Use only lukewarm water to clean MDFs. Lukewarm is to intensify the cleaning power without any chemical cleaners. Avoid chemical cleaners.
  2. Dunk a soft cotton cloth in the water to remove any residues. Allow time for the surface to dry.
  3. Using a soft, dry cotton cloth, gently remove dust particles and dry the MDF completely. 
  4. If you spill anything greasy or smelly (oil, food, alcohol, coffee, etc. ), wipe it up with absorbent paper first. Then, dilute five drops of a pH-neutral detergent (such dishwashing soap) in one litre of warm water. Cleaning using a soft, clean, white cotton cloth wet in the mixture is the ideal method. Remember not to rub too hard.
  5. Abrasive cleaners, such as gentle scrub cleansers or scouring sponges, should not be used.

Decorative Panel Singapore

Decorative Panel "Jagasatru" - Antic-Wash - 110 cm

However, before you begin, we recommend that you do patch tests on the MDF, especially in locations that are not immediately visible.

Do you have any other tips and recommendations on how to care for your MDF? Let us know in the comment box below!

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