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How to Bali-fy Your Living Room When You Can't Travel!

Bali-fy Your Living Room

In the previous article, we discussed some of our bespoke home decor collections at reduced prices for your bedroom. They are as pretty as ever, and they are a constant remembrance of the Island of Gods!

Since we still cannot travel, what about bringing a piece of Bali into our living room for now? The Kulture Deco team has curated some of our unique home decor pieces on offer to realize your Bali dreams! 

Before we go through these beautiful home decor inspirations, let’s start with a small trivia about a Balinese home.

Home Decor Inspiration

Do you know that Balinese is a highly communal group of people? It is caused by centuries-old Hinduism and Javanese elements, which have influenced every glyph, curve, and pattern of a Balinese home. Traditional Balinese homes are built in an open compound with a collection of  families. They have been raised to serve their families and communities, requiring them to live around their parents and elders - hence the living arrangement. A traditional Balinese living is situated in an open structure, surrounded by high-walled gardens to maintain privacy from outsiders. Each compound consists of pavilions, each inhabited by a family, followed by separated buildings for kitchen, bathrooms, and shrines. 

The structures use natural materials, for instance, rattan, wood, bricks, and stones. Their window panes, doors, and bed frames are wooden in warm, earthy tones, while the smaller pieces are hued vibrantly. Combining the two creates a vintage feel that sparks creativity louder than anything else!

Now, what reflects your creativity and personality louder than curating your living room? Let’s start with home decor panels!

How to Bali-fy Your Living Room When You Can’t Travel!How to Bali-fy Your Living Room When You Can’t Travel!

The Timur decorative panel can bring Bali right to your home!

Available in two colors - green and white, the vibrancy of these panels instantly brings a tropical touch and Bali-fy your living room! These decorative panels are intricately hand-carved by an Ubud craftsman, making them a charming home decor addition to your abode. They are made of fiber wood, making them affordable and durable to sustain different climates. 

It is measured 80x80cm and is as light as 2,5kg. Get yours here!

Now that you’ve got a beautiful home decoration panel, what about some decorative baskets? 

How to Bali-fy Your Living Room When You Can’t Travel!

The Soera baskets are a set of three, and the handwoven baskets are environmentally friendly! They are handwoven and 100% made of natural, high-quality hyacinth fibers and cotton, and they are sustainable in terms of age and later in their afterlife. You can use these baskets for small planters, or knick-knacks containers!

The North Bali-origin are weighed 4kg, and come in three sizes;

Small: W25 x H29 cm

Medium: W31 x H35 cm

Large: W32 x H42 cm

Get yours right here!

With these decorative panels hanging, an addition of a standing mirror will complete the entire Balinese gaze for your living room.

The Kulture Deco team thinks that Semesta will be the perfect addition to your living room. Semesta is an artistic standing mirror that has been handmade and intricately designed by a local craftsman in Ubud of Central Bali.

How to Bali-fy Your Living Room When You Can’t Travel!

In Indonesian, Semesta translates to the universe. It lives up to its name, as the standing mirror stands tall, confidently as the focal point of your living room - just like how the universe is the center of all livings. 

The hand-carved border is made of durian wood, which smoothens its surface and eases painting. Durian wood is an affordable alternative to teak for home decoration, yet sumptuously charming. Durian wood is also sustainable, and the fact that it is combined with high-grade mirror glass will make it last longer than your expectations!

The standing mirror is intricately designed and made by an Ubud craftsman. The 13-kg mirror stands as tall as 150cm, and the width spans only 80cm.

Get yours here!

What other home decor pieces would you like to see to be on sale? We’re constantly curating our home decor pieces to realize your dream for a Balinese home, so hit us up in the comment section below!

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