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Home decor trends for winter 2018-2019

It’s already December! It’s time to think about setting up your home for the winter season especially for the end of the year. But what are the home decor trends for the winter of 2018-2019? Let’s have a look at some home decor ideas.

Close to nature
One of the main trends of this 2018-2019 season is the return to nature. Whether in materials, colors or patterns, nature is queen. This trend follows the growing concern of the world population for the preservation of nature, the purchase of products manufactured in a human and sustainable way. Consumers are becoming more focused on organic, natural environment because they understand the need to make a change that will have a positive impact on the environment. Furniture made from plastic in very high quantities generally have a negative impact on the environment. Small niche manufacturers have more flexibility to apply environmental friendly practices.

A choice of the customers
As a result, the customers also give great importance to the raw material used to make their decorative items. The noble and natural materials sign their big return: stone, wood, rattan, etc. Everything coming from Mother Nature will find a space in one's home.

Exceptional and unique woods
Kulturë carefully chooses the raw materials of its Balinese home decor creations. We have strict control procedures in place with our suppliers to avoid the use of protected woods.

At the same time, we are always looking for original woods, less famous but still of very high quality such as coconut, mango or durian wood. We love to combine originality and tradition in the manufacturing of Balinese furniture.

The beauty of craftsmanship
Another trend that has been identified for 2019, which is a continuation of the natural trend, is “celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship”
Kulturë is a proud ambassador of Balinese Home Decor's traditional know-how.

Balinese door

Behind the furniture, a story
Regularly, you can follow the way of working of our 5 suppliers on Instagram and Facebook. We always ensure that our suppliers meet basic ethical standards during the manufacturing process. We gave away gloves and protecting masks to the staff the last time we visited the workshops.

At Kulturë, we believe that whoever made your furniture is part of its history. And this is how we want to be part of this trend of craftsmanship. We understand that consumers want to know the whole story of their furniture from Bali.

Natural, even for Christmas
The nature spirit is found even in Christmas decorations and gift ideas .The “green” trend overwhelms even the traditions. The soft colors of brown, grey, hazelnut, white, or the natural wood color, from light brown to dark brown, are fully trendy and are a part of the Kulturë’s selection.

Natural colors selection
Obviously, Kulturë’s basic, shimmering colors reminiscent of the almost perpetual summer of Bali and which have made the reputation of our company are always present.

But in a desire to increase our assortment, we also offer softer and natural tones, leaving much to the raw beauty of the wood or slightly customizing it with the “antic wash finish”, which is also called “white wash” in Bali.

Trendy gift ideas
Why not treat yourself to a lovely Christmas present for your home decor such as a coffee table, a wood bed headboard or, to illuminate your interior and create a sense of space, a beautiful carved mirror with vegetal motifs? This is absolutely in the 2019 trends!

And in the list of home decor gift ideas for Christmas, you can add rattan mirrors, completely trendy, whether lamps or mirrors. According to various prestigious specialist magazines, the rattan is experiencing a come-back.

Rattan mirror Twigs

With Kulturë, you are sure to make no mistake, follow the nature trend for home decor and really celebrate the craftsman while offering originality.

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