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Home decor made in Bali: what to look for

Bali is generally known as the capital of Art in Asia. Even by world-class standards, they remain unmatched.

They infuse their crafts with so much personality and tradition and use it to preach of their many contrasts. Bali is a paradox; great luxuries and decadence seats comfortably amongst simplicity and rural life. But, whether poor or rich, everyone in Bali values their culture, and it shows in their craftsmanship.

Having such rare pieces from Bali in your space will add a little bit of traditional flair to your home decor.

Here are some concepts that could help you find the right elements to suit your home.

  1. Greenery. The Indonesians love to harmonize nature's essence with their indoor materials. It is one of the most important aspects of their home decor style. They love to be in touch with nature.

So, to capture that serene paradise feeling in your home, consider getting in some green plants and letting in the sun. Just find a way to connect your interior with your exterior, and you are in tune with your inner-Balinese.

  1. Let your furniture speak about nature. In most Indonesian homes, it is not strange to find nature incorporated in some of their furniture pieces. You can opt for a solid teak coffee-table, a sofa made with rattan or a driftwood side table. These kinds of furniture can add a bit of class and modernity or speak of age-long traditions; it all depends on how you choose to style them.
  2. Show your appreciation for Balinese quality craftsmanship through your decor by placing meticulously crafted artisan wares around your home. The Balinese have passed down from generation to generation, their love for skilful art. They infuse everything they make with tradition and spirituality, be it Buddhism, Hinduism, animism, or other ancient indigenous beliefs.

 So search for well-made artisan wares from carved wood furniture like a daybed, intricate doors, folding room dividers, to decorative pieces that add dimension and texture to a wall. The effect should give your home decor an air of Bali culture.

  1. Incorporate bold colors. The Balinese love bright colors. Among the neutrals of greenery and wood patterns, a dash of bold accent pieces, and prints should make your decor look grounded.

You can pop in some bright color into your space by using striking beaded and tasselled umbrellas called tedungs. Animals with brilliant decorative motifs, Balinese lanterns, and other character pieces can do too.

  1. Getting Professional advice saves you time and money. Asking for help when you don't know what to do is better than purchasing pieces that look out of place in your home. It saves you time, energy, and money. These days, many interior decorators are impressed with the Balinese style just as you are, and with your space, they'd know just what would fit in anywhere. You can take advantage of their expertise to tastefully furnish your home in a comfortable Balinese style.

It is best to look out for interior designers who specialize in Balinese decor to help you create just the right tone you want to create. Getting quotes from them will significantly narrow down the field and enable you to choose the very best of them.

Finally, remember to use the Balinese concept to blend with your style and personality; after all, that's what home decor is all about. You don't have to blindly copy the interiors that you've to see in Bali. Simply find natural materials and furnishings that appeal to you and get creative.

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