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Here's What to Look in Sustainable Furniture Shopping

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Many of us wonder - after years of living in our own house; "How healthy is my home's environment?"

By now, you should know home furnishing can be such a daunting task, especially if you have a long list of must-haves during furniture shopping. The Kulture Deco team has curated the reasons itself; in addition to comfort, many people look for furniture that is sturdy, economical, easy-to-clean, and interesting enough to share on Instagram, which is crucial when it comes to furniture. 

But with climate crises and other environmental reasons, those are the only reasons. Nowadays, we all know we are looking for items that are both ethically created and ecologically friendly. Unfortunately, as sad as it sounds, most standard home furniture is created with unsustainable (and poisonous) materials that may represent a risk to you, your family, and the environment. 

That is why, the Kulture Deco team highlights the issue of sustainability here, and we cannot emphasize enough its importance in furniture production and distribution. 

Of course, it is significantly better for everyone if we furnish our eco-cribs with ethical and environmentally friendly furnishings. Thankfully, we are working with a range of low-cost, environmentally friendly furniture-makers and craftsmen, who create our products the traditional way (sustainable, of course!). They use materials derived from renewable resources and recycled items, as well as fair trade and environmentally friendly production methods.

The materials used are as important as the production method

Kulture Deco’s wood panels are made out of microfiber-density (MDF) boards. MDF boards are safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Because MDF is mostly made of wood fiber, many wood shavings and other wood remnants that would otherwise be destroyed may be recycled into MDF. This eliminates waste while also ensuring that a larger percentage of trees collected are used to make useful goods, reducing pressure on our forests and ensuring long-term construction practices. 

MDF-made panels are among the most environmentally friendly materials available.

The ECC Sustainability Standard ensures that MDF production is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. MDF panels are now carbon sinks, storing enough carbon to balance their original carbon impact. MDF is also one of the most cost-effective materials for a variety of building and home decor projects. 

As for you guys as consumers, you can benefit from MDF-based items since they are both inexpensive and high-quality.

Bed Headboard singapore
Carved Bed Headboard "Seruni" - White

Secondly, some other Kulture Deco’s home decor items are made out of rattan. Rattan is a natural climbing vine, primarily grown in tropical rainforests. Rattan is the fastest growing tropical wood, renewing in only 5 to 7 years. The vines themselves can grow for hundreds of meters, and the only treatment needed for them is sun-drying. Afterwards, rattans are right away usable by artisans for furniture production. 

Rattans are fantastic plants benefiting both the rainforests and the atmosphere. The plants grow naturally without interrupting the balance of the rainforests - as we all have known. It also purifies the air by turning carbon dioxide to oxygen. 

Rattan furniture manufacture is low-tech and does not need polluting production facilities. Typically, the skin of the rattan wood is removed in order to create a material that may be woven into a variety of things. This product's ingenuity lies in its lightweight characteristics and longevity, since it can be left outside in most weathers.

Rattan Mirrors Handmade

Rattan Mirror "segar" - 58 Cm

Production method matters too, and it is especially better when handmade 

Customized, hand-carved furniture is 100% better for the environment, because it releases nearing zero emissions. Especially when MDF is used as the main material, there is first, no plastic waste, and second, extremely biodegradable.

Each piece of handcrafted furniture is definitely unique, they offer purposeful and mindful designs, sustainable for both your home and the environment. The designs are meticulously constructed rather than mass-produced, which are done swiftly and profit-focused. Additionally, as mentioned above, handcrafted furniture is likely to create little or no emissions, and even if it does, it will be mostly biodegradable. Meanwhile, a mass-produced business uses a lot of plastic and produces a lot of carbon dioxide.

Kulture Deco’s piece of furniture is primarily hand-carved by a local artisan in Central Bali. Made, the craftsman, hails from Ubud, and has 20 years of experience in hand-carved wooden furniture. Carving wooden furniture not only allows him to participate in Indonesia’s economy, it also helps him conquer adversities in his life. Made admits that wood-carving is a form of meditation for him, and he is not able to imagine his life without it.

Kulture Deco as a brand aims to support the circular economy of local Balinese craftsmen as Made, as well as eco-friendliness and sustainability for the future of our worlds.

Find out our past activities here; our initiatives to help our local communities progress.

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