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Furniture Made in Indonesia

On your next trip to Indonesia, what are your plans? Do you intend to buy furniture pieces to decorate your home? If so, you must be wondering and thinking about where to buy furniture in Indonesia. There are many regions specialised in different types of home decor and furniture, so it is better to do a bit of research first!

Furniture from Indonesia: a wide array of styles

Interestingly, Indonesia has many destinations where you can purchase quality furniture for your living room, dining table, home decoration, and other classic furniture - of which they all are durable and trustworthy. 

While furniture from Java, furniture manufactured in Jepara and Balinese hone decor have stood the test of time, there are also some other destinations where you can find great stuff of all kinds.


Bali is a very famous province in the whole of Indonesia. Aside from tourism, Balinese furniture is another strong industry in the region, as the local craftsmen have a longstanding tradition of wood working and make quality products of diverse designs and sizes, which can be customised on your request. Over the years, Bali has gained a solid reputation as a destination for wooden furniture - office furniture, bedroom furniture, etc. Interior designers in Singapore often get their supplies from Bali when looking for furniture that have an exotic touch.


Jepara is a big and busy commercial hub; the city has diverse business activities therein. In Jepara, you can get virtually everything you need to give your home the peace and beauty you have always imagined. Deeply rooted in the work of furniture and wood carvings, the skill has been passed from generation to the other, as well as from father to son, which makes furniture from Jepara stand out.

In Jepara, the manufacturing of furniture can be likened to the culture and way of life of the people, as they make diverse designs and carvings in their furniture- it can never be wrong to assert that furniture is in the blood of the Jeparas. With many large factories as well as suppliers and retailers in Jepara, you can buy good quality furniture in large and small quantities all at good rates. Furniture from Jepara is often made of high grade woods such as teak or rose wood. Reproductions from classic European-style furniture are also quite common.

Furniture from Jepara

A factory specialised in Teak in Jepara


Being the capital of Java makes Semarang a very easy city to find. In Semarang, you will catch sight of big furniture factories with large furniture productions made from modern and heavy-duty machines. This is a huge advantage for you if you want to buy your furniture in large quantities; it does not get worse if you want furniture in smaller quantities - just for yourself - there are many retailers waiting to serve you.

Solo and Jogjakarta

Almost in the same similarity as Semarang, you can find a lot of big furniture factories in solo and Jogjakarta. However, solo is a better destination if you want the best rates and diverse choices for smaller furniture quantities - unlike Jepara where you get to purchase in large quantities.


Just like in Jepara, Cirebon is another great city to look towards for great woodworks like Mahogany wood, and teak wood. However, unlike Jepara, you will find more retail and small-scale furniture factories in Cirebon.



Surabaya is a major logistic hub in East Java. It's also where the bulk of the rattan furniture makers are based. Rattan from Indonesia is reputed to be very qualitative, and Indonesians have a longstanding tradition of rattan waving type of manufactures.
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