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Furniture from Java: a synonym of quality and creativity

Java furniture is a name given to the high-quality pieces of teak wood furniture from Indonesia. Central Java, home of about 30 million people, is a significant source of this wood.

Over the years, teak wood has become one of the most valuable and revered wood materials in the world and is mainly used for shipbuilding and construction.

Java has thousands of teak wood plantations that provide raw materials for furniture makers.

Abandoned residences, damaged furniture, and discarded boats in Java Island could also provide teak wood raw materials for recycled furniture.

Reclaimed teakReclaimed teak has become a significant source of material for furniture

The Indonesian furniture factories receive these raw materials and further process them. Out of the raw materials cabinets, high-quality tables, sideboard, chairs, and other kinds of furniture are created.

Their woodwork goes on to last for a very long time, because of the fantastic component in the teak wood. Java teak wood has maintained its standard and demand for quality.

Coffee table made of teak wood

High quality nesting tables made of teak wood

Why is teak wood important to the Indonesians?

Teak wood is a tropical wood species that contain high density. The hardwood has naturally high oil content that protects it from damage caused by the harsh weather or pest infestation.

Thus, teak wood is an excellent idea for outdoor decor. Unlike other wood materials that can not withstand the elements, teak wood's natural oil prevents liquids from penetrating past the wood surface. Owners of gardens much appreciate this advantage.

If you enjoy hosting an outdoor party or event every other week, this Java wood furniture is a great idea. You wouldn't have to worry about getting any stains off the wood.

Java teak wood is quite captivating; perhaps it's because of its varying colors. They could glow from dark bronze tones to light earthy hues, depending on previous use.

If you notice a slight difference in shades on tabletops, cabinets, or any other kind of furniture, don't be worried. It is not a processing defect. Instead, the different tone on the furniture is a hallmark of high-quality, primarily if the wood was recycled.

What are the key characteristics of teak wood:

  1. Durability. The hardwood in teak makes it last for a very long time. Teak wood is known as an everlasting wood; it does not succumb to age and could be passed on from generation to generation.
  2. Weather-resistant. Teak wood is highly resistant to harsh weather conditions. The natural oils and silica within it prevent the elements from penetrating the surface and causing harm to the wood.
  3. Pest control. Unlike other wood materials that can be damaged by termites or pest infestation, teak wood is made of much stronger stuff. The resins in teak wood repel pest, which is why it can last longer than most of the wood in the world.
  4. Natural Shine. You don't have to bother about your teak wood looking dull and uninspiring. The natural oil content in it gives the teak wood a shiny glow. Cleaning and maintaining your teak wood furniture is a breeze. You could choose to use teak wood oil to shine your furniture once a year, although that's not necessary.

These and more are the features of teak wood, and that has made Java furniture a highly, demanded commodity.

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