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Furniture from Indonesia: why it's a top 3 country of choice

Acquiring furniture for your home decor requires a lot of responsibilities and consideration.

One of the things you must consider when buying furniture is the quality of the wood. Wood is a natural material that changes (expands and contracts) throughout various seasons. You must know the quality of the wood your furniture is made with else you will end up being disappointed by the lack of durability.

Indonesian furniture makers ensure that they choose the best wood.  Then properly dry it with kiln so that it wouldn't cause quality issues later in the future. So not only would you be taken by the beauty of the furniture, you will be getting quality too.

So why is Indonesian furniture counted among the best in the world?

Well, it's because they have a variety of materials available in their country.  Teak and mahogany are primary wood materials that furniture makers and woodcarvers all over the world, value and use for their craft. These materials are in high demand all across the globe, and Indonesia has a lot of them.

We will be discussing the importance of the teak wood for now, and why that has boosted the economy of the Indonesian furniture industry.

Teak wood is originally a native to the south and southeast of Asia. It is a genus of tropical hardwood trees that gives quality for all purposes.

 Whether you want to use it for boat decking, building construction, flooring, or furniture for home decor, teak wood is perfect.

Teak wood features

  1. Teak wood lasts forever. This is not an exaggeration, because truly teak wood is ageless. A well-maintained teak wood furniture can live for more than a century; this is why many people prefer this wood material to others.

The teak wood contains natural silica and oils that prevent it from being damaged or broken. It doesn't split or warp as time elapses like other wood materials, and it can withstand the elements.

  1. Teak wood is easy to maintain. Maintaining teak wood furniture and carvings does not need much exertion. It doesn't absorb stains and marks like some other wood materials. With just some standard, house cleaning supplies, you could get rid of any grime or stain with ease. You could improvise by spraying lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice on the affected area, then use a soft brush or wipe to clean it gently. Simple!

You don't have to clean teak wood every day to maintain it, especially if you are a very busy person. Simple cleaning routine once every month can serve. Then you can treat the wood with teak oil once a year.

  1. Teak wood repels pests. As stated earlier, the teak wood contains natural oils and resins that keep it from being damaged, and these oils also repel termites and pests. The resin in it is a repellent to all kinds of creatures that harm wood, while the oil keeps it stronger and shinier. This is why teak wood can outlive many other wood materials.
  2. Teak has an adaptable color. It can blend well with your home decor easily. Whether you want to use it for indoor or outdoor decor purposes, you don't have to worry about it standing off.

If you still feel the natural, golden color does not suit your needs, you can adjust it. You can have an artist come in to change the color to suit your taste, and it will stay that way for a long time without fading. This makes it a favorite for most home decor.

Having thousands of teak wood plantations has made Indonesia one of the world's best wood furniture manufacturers. This is why it's a top choice along with India and Burma for qualitative furniture making.

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