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Finding the perfect dining table

Buying furniture and sprucing up your home takes careful consideration, including your dining room table. You have to look at a lot of factors before you buy whatever meets your fancy so that you don't end up regretting the impulse.

Here are some factors you need to consider for getting the right table for your dining room.

1.Personal style

Where will you use your table? The style of your house should be a pointer as to how your dining table would be. If your dining is an extension of your family room or kitchen, you may often use this table for various activities like eating, crafts, or homework. For this kind of style, go for a casual table, with a strong durable surface. Something that won't damage easily.

You could get a more ornate table with a delicate finish if you have a more formal dining where you sit only for special occasions. If you entertain a couple of times a year, you could get a table with an extension. This kind of dining table can create a cozy atmosphere for just your family and can be easily expanded when you have visitors. Other personal preferences such as modern, traditional or eclectic may also affect your choice when choosing a dining table.

Suar wood dining table

A classic Balinese dining table made of suar wood can give a rustic yet warm feeling to your dining area.


Dining tables vary in shapes and sizes, one thing you should absolutely take note of is the shape of your dining and how the table would fit in. Here are some dining table shapes and how they fit into your space.

Oval table: the oval table takes as much space as a rectangular table, the only difference is the rounded corners. The table is a perfect fit for narrow spaces or small sized rooms.

Square table: a square room is perfect for square tables. This kind of table is very effective to cater to a small guest list. Instead of getting a large square table that may look ostentatious or awkward, you could join you square tables together to form a rectangular shaped table and cater for a larger guest list.

Round table: around table fits into very small rooms or small square shaped rooms. This dining table creates a very intimate atmosphere and therefore is best for a small group of people. Large round table tends to make your guests feel far away from each other. You can get round tables with leaves for versatility. These leaves can turn a round table into a rectangular one that would accommodate a larger crowd.

Rectangular table: this is the most common shape because most dining rooms are rectangular in shape. This table can seat more than four people perfectly and it can be made more flexible to accommodate more people since many of them come with leaves that can extend the length of the table.

Teak wood dining table


Another very important thing you should consider when choosing a dining table is the size of the room. If there's enough space, let the size of your table be enough for all the people you usually have for dinner plus extra two seats. Should be enough for your guests to be seated comfortably. The minimum width of a table should bed about 36 inches, any less you would have difficulty placing food in the middle of the table. The maximum width of a table should be 48 inches to allow comfortable interaction, any more your guest could find it difficult to pass things across and the conversation will seem strained. Allow 38 inches between the wall and the table to allow some movement behind the table. 24 inches should be allowed between the table and the wall so people can get up and sit down from the table easily. Give 24 inches for each place setting so that people won't hit each other with their elbows while eating meals.

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