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Decorative Cushions: Why You (Kinda) Need It

Versatile and Humbly Beautiful Home Decor 

Many assume that decorative cushions do not beautify and enhance the ambiance of your house in home decoration. But think again, decorative cushions are essentially the cheapest, most versatile, and humbly beautiful home decor items you can ever own. They can add pops of contrasting colors, unique textures, and different kinds of luxury for a small budget. Also, think again, you only need to buy few covers, and you have different home decor cushions for all seasons and trends!

Have you ever considered the origins of cushions? Cushions initially appeared circa 7,000 BCE, during the early Mesopotamian period. Cushions were related to status – the more you owned the more affluent you were seen to be. In a time of discomfort for the majority, to be comfortable was to be wealthy. Although no cushions survive from this period, we are able to ascertain their style and usage from ancient wall art.    As dyes and fabrics were very expensive, cushions became individual pieces of art that represented the taste (and wealth) of the owner.

Cushions from the Egyptian period are best known for being wooden or stone headrests.  In this way, they are closer to the meaning of the word ‘pillow’ which derives from the latin word ‘pulvinus’.  ‘Pulvinus’ shares its etymology with the word ‘pulpit’ – the raised standing platform in churches.   This is, essentially, what pillows or cushions were to the Egyptians – raised platforms for the head. Most famously, these hard cushions have been found in the tombs of Egypt, supporting the heads of mummies.

Interesting, right? 

Shows off who you are and your personalities are!

Decorative cushions, like other home decorative items, can enhance your personality. It accentuates your traits in the most understated way possible, yet on a more frequent basis. It gives you the freedom to be more creative and assertive by allowing you to use any colors and patterns you want! Large pieces of furniture, such as couches, tables, and lazy boys, might survive for years, but decorative cushions can be swapped out almost every month if you like.

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When you're feeling brave this month, it is not a good idea to replace the upholstery on your couch's seats; nevertheless, you can take all those risks with decorative cushions. It's your home, so make it your own with all of your special touches!

How to choose the perfect decorative cushions suitable to seasons

Let's face it: home decor trends change all the time. Keeping up with current trends and maintaining a unique, modern appearance at home can be seriously difficult. We have all agreed that budgeting for home decor is critical when it comes to interior design, which means that decorative cushions are the perfect solution!

Do you prefer a neutral color scheme or plain white couches? Any cushion pattern will look lovely in your living space and will allow you to express yourself.

decorative panels

Pop of colors and a dual-color decorative panel are the best combinations!

Improving comfort and health overall

When thinking about cushions, we straight think about comfort. The value of decorative cushions extends beyond aesthetics, as its most appealing aspect is the level of comfort it provides in our home. Imagine two different rooms, one with a series of decorative cushions and one without - which one will you bury your face into? Definitely the cushions!

Decorative Cushions: Why You (Kinda) Need It

Other than aesthetics and comfort, remember what decorative cushions do when you need back support or cushion for your computer. Yes, it somehow contributes to your health without you even realizing it! And remember when your little one tries to learn to stand up? Couch cushions come to the rescue as cushion forts!

So, what are your thoughts on decorative cushions? Let us know in the comment box below!

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