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Choosing a coffee table

When deciding on the coffee table that will best suit your needs, it might seem like a simple enough task – but there are various factors you need to consider before making your decision. You want to ensure that whatever choice of coffee table you buy suits all your needs.

Here are some of the factors to consider when looking for the best coffee table.

What are You Looking for?

One of the major factors that will determine your choice of table is what you need for your home. You should bear in mind that the living room coffee table and family room coffee table come in different forms and serve different purposes.

To get a cool coffee table for your room, you can pick something less formal that will also be able to handle rough use. Living room coffee table, on the other hand, can be formal and more sophisticated, depending on the design of your living room.

What Purpose will the Coffee Table Serve?

Is your coffee table supposed to be a centerpiece only? Or do you want a coffee table that provides additional functionality? Your need will determine the functionality of your coffee table. The regular coffee table has a flat surface and supported by a base, while a more functional coffee table will possess either of the following.

  • Additional shelves, compartments or drawers for storing things like remotes.
  • A surface that you can raise for ether working or eating.
  • Some tables come with wheels and casters that help you roll off the table if the need arises.

Coffee tables

Our beautiful nested tables can definitely be used as coffee tables

What Material will Work Best for Your Needs?

When you decide to purchase a coffee table, you will realize your options are limitless. You can choose from wood coffee tables, glass coffee tables, teak coffee tables, etc. Your choice of material could be based on your home décor, the type of furniture used in your home, or your choice of durability and safety.

Do You Have a Shape in Mind?

Coffee tables come in a variety of shapes, from a rectangular shape to oval, round, square, etc. Your choice of coffee table shape could either be based on the shape of your space or the configuration of your seating arrangement.

If you are buying a coffee table for a small space, an oval or nestling coffee table will work best. A round or square coffee table is a suitable option for large seating space, and if you have kids, consider round or oval shape coffee table as it lacks sharp corners.

Do You Have a Budget?

Before you go shopping for a coffee table, ensure you have decided on how much you intend to spend. Prices of coffee tables could range from very expensive to budget-friendly. Getting a cheap coffee table in Singapore is not difficult if you look in the right places.

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