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Buying Wall Art in Singapore

Wall art is an indispensable part of the general house wall decor, and should not be left as a last-minute decision even as a resident, interior designer or just a visitor in Singapore. So, be sure to make your home more noticeable by adding art pieces, and wall hangings to your walls to reflect light into your home. Let's dive into places where to find wall decor in Singapore.

Collectors Contemporary

This gallery is mainly specialized in the sale of contemporary arts with a vast range of work from different well-acclaimed artists and also fresh contemporary artists. When in Singapore, be sure to visit their shop, as they also have a fully operational online platform to promote international innovation for artists.

Kult Gallery

Another great place to check for your art wall is the Kult gallery, which promotes local Singaporean artwork, trendy and urban collection where you can connect with artists and their work and choose an eye-catching piece of art for your home.

Affordable Art Fair

The ever-difficult search for nice and inexpensive wall art décor is made less strenuous at the Affordable Art Fair, and this is just the right place for you to discover a great masterpiece. It is one of the biggest art fairs held in Singapore. They have very delightful collections which you can select from and spice up the walls of your home and living space.

The Singapore National Gallery

The use of wall art in home décor cannot be complete without a visit to the national gallery in Singapore. Although the gallery has over 8000 pieces, they make it easy for you to find amazing art pieces to use for your wall decor ideas.

This is made possible because their art exhibitions showcase a significant fusion of art and design of Singapore art. They are located at the historical and monumental city hall.


The kampong glam heritage district is home to artistry. It's a gallery that promotes local Singapore artists by hosting events and exhibitions. They have a cafe infused in their gallery that encourages art buyers to support local art and get impressed by art performances, while also having a look at wall décor inspiration for your dining room and living room.

Living with Art Singapore

The living with art gallery wall has a variety of unique art pieces that can transform a blank wall. The mission of the gallery is to deliver affordable art pieces to all living spaces located at the Tan Boon Liat Building.

The arrangement of the gallery is a room designed for great flexibility that allows you to look through the showroom according to the design and colors of the artwork. Take a tour to 'living with art gallery' and give life to your walls.

With all the above items on this page at your fingertips, you can never be stranded when looking for where to buy wall art in Singapore. I hope you make the right choice purchasing black and white canvas, poster, or classic styles to spice up your walls; trust me, wall décor is an important part of the general home décor.

If you're looking for something more traditional with a tropical decor vibe, be sure to check our collection of decorative panels and wall art here:

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