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Best Coffee Table 2020

A coffee table is not just something to hold your coffee as the name depicts; it is a low-lying table that complements your home's general decor. The best coffee table can be a statement piece for your living room furniture and also carry out other essential functions like storage.
A coffee table is chosen more for its functionality than beauty. Still, if styled correctly, your coffee table decor can also accentuate the design of your living room. 
Glass coffee table
Glass coffee table with a wooden lower deck
This low-lying table is the centrepiece for the living room furniture. Although it doesn’t really influence the decor of the room where you choose to put it, still, it should make a statement. Depending on its functionality, a coffee table may take up much space, or it could maximize it by acting as storage.

What to put on your coffee table 

There is no end to what can grace your coffee table to display its beauty and functionality. Your coffee table can display many decor items like small boxes, books, photo frames, sculptural pieces, potpourri, small plants, diffusers, candle holders, floral arrangements, and so on. 
You could also add other essential items like a box for remotes, fresh flowers, coasters, a box of tissue, reading materials, matchbox, etc to enhance your coffee table styling.
The trick behind this coffee table decorating ideas is to connect your pieces either through shape, colour, style, or theme so that they can all work together to make an impressive display.

How to style your coffee table to suit your home decor

Coffee tables are one of the most obvious furniture in any room. Since the table decor attracts much attention, you might want to keep it neat and straightforward or decorate it like an elegant work of art. To achieve this, you need to strike a balance with tone and style.
Let's look at some tips to help you display your coffee table wonderfully.
  1. Less is more. Keep it simple!! As much as possible, try not to overcomplicate or crowd the coffee table. You want 1table to look attractive without being too obvious or tacky. With a beautiful but simple display, your coffee table can be an outstanding blend with your overall decor.
  2. Balance. when sourcing for coffee table decorating ideas, it is important that you are conscious about maintaining a balance. You can easily achieve this visual harmony with symmetry. Symmetry keeps your design orderly to balance the whole coffee table display.
  3. Tray design. Using a tray to design your coffee table is a simple but effective trick that would make your arrangement l2ook perfect on Pinterest. The idea is to use the right tray to arrange your table display in a unified and impressive order. A tray helps to section the table into different areas and makes the arrangement come alive. Gathering smaller pieces in a tray makes the display look more purposeful than messy. Plus, it is easier to move your collection somewhere else if they are in a tray than picking your objects one after the other, especially when you need some more space at the moment. 
  4. Follow your room's general decor idea. Remember that your coffee table is supposed to blend in with the overall decor experience of your home. So using a table from another era or a different colour scheme or style will disrupt the total ambience and make it stick out awkwardly. Ensure that the coffee table and items you want to display fits in with the rest of the natural decor.
  5. The right proportion matters. When displaying your coffee table, it is essential to use items of the right size. The articles should be large enough to be noticed, but not overwhelming. They should never get in the way of the table's functionality. 
  6. Don't obstruct the view. Avoid using tall or bulky items that would hinder the view of people sitting on either side of the table. Instead, place objects with different heights artfully on your coffee table.
  7. Conversation starter. If you have a large coffee table, you can display an assortment of conversation pieces that would not only capture attention but give people something to talk about. 
Glass table with space for Ottomans
Glass table with space for Ottomans
8. Infuse some colours with fresh flowers. Whether fresh or synthetic, flowers add color and beauty to any space. No matter the season, you can experiment with various color combos and floral arrangements of any size. Placing a short, sturdy flower vase on top of a pile of books to accentuate its charm is one of the most popular decor ideas interior decorators use.
9. Don't be afraid to have fun. The beauty of any decor style is in its creativity, and creativity comes from curiosity. So have fun mixing up textures and shapes to see how it fits in with the overall decor. Let your creative self out to play.  Pair hard items with soft, round with square, shiny with dull, curved with straight, rough with smooth. This will help you create a visually appealing display on your coffee table.
10.  Don't miss the angles. When styling your coffee table, consider how the display would look from every angle of your room; this will give you a pretty good idea of placing your items. Usually, a coffee table is set at the centre of a room, that means everyone from anywhere in the room can see it, so you want to ensure it looks good from any angle. 
Do I Really Need a Coffee Table?
Many interior decorators believe that a living room without a coffee table can not work, and the reason is not far-fetched. When it comes to searching for coffee table decorating ideas for your space, bear in mind that function is more valuable than form. What that means is that you should look out for furniture that has more purpose than just looking pretty.
The coffee tables after your seating arrangement are the most important piece of furniture in your living room. Why? It holds your drinks, remote control, reading materials, even provides a place for you to hold your feet up and completely relax. Hence, every living room needs a coffee table with a proper table styling. 
However, not every living room has a coffee table, especially for relatively small spaces. Some people make do with Ottomans, a cluster of side tables, or pouffes. The idea is to have something in this space for functionality. 
Best Coffee Table 2020
Beautiful round Ottomans placed together instead of a coffee table
Many people want to know simple coffee table styling ideas and how to get the best of their coffee table decor. I hope we've been able to answer your questions as much as possible. You can get an accent or coffee tables at Kulturedeco or find more living room inspiration.  
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