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Beautiful Hand Made Products in Bali

Decorating your home with handmade pieces of art from your adventure at Bali is a great way to appreciate your experience. We all know that Bali is resplendent with love for art and culture, perhaps that's why any handmade product from there is highly valued. It's however difficult or even impossible to bring back most of these crafts, which is why you might want to keep on reading!
Here are some wonderful handmade products in Bali we absolutely believe you shouldn't miss.
Handmade wooden decorative panels are one of the finer pieces of art that Bali has to offer. Using teak wood or MDF (much lighter and easier to install), Balinese artisans are able to create highly intricate pieces depicting traditional Buddhist-inspired designs, such as lotus flower. The idea is to make dull-looking places suddenly come alive with these pieces. 
Wood wall plaque
A decorative wall plaque can bring a warm and exotic touch to your pad 
Seasoned artisans create amazing art panels by drilling and finger sawing patterns through slabs of teak or MDF wood, then they carve it by hand to create a 3-D effect. The piece is then sanded and polished to give it a fine finishing. Because they are handmade, no two panels are exactly the same and that's what gives the pieces their originality.
Bed headboard
 Hand made traditional floral design bed headboard by Kulture home decor
One of the sights that add a truly magical feel to Bali Island is the various wooden and stone sculptures of deities, ancestral heroes and animals. These sculptures are all around volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, and thick jungles, they are everywhere; they are part of Bali. The statues are used to tell unique stories and project the style and belief of their people. 
You may find an exotic piece of sculpture or two that would add to your home decor.
Indonesia has lots of wooden and stone sculptures. Famous among the wooden sculptures are Asmat wood carvings from Papua. These wood carvings are so unique and could be recognized by the intricate designs made with simple stone and bone tools. The carvings are usually created in place of an honored tribe member, who has passed on to the great beyond. You can find an Asmat wood carving in all the Museums around the world.
Stone sculptures were actually influenced by religious worshippers of Hindu and Buddha, it is a newer form of sculpture which flourished around the 8th to 10th Century. These gorgeous stone sculptures are created with an ashy, grey sandstone taken from the banks of the many rivers that run through the island. They are usually found in ancient temples but some standalone pieces could be stumbled upon on some hiking trails.


A stone sculpture of Ganesh 
Another awesome hand made product from Bali that would give your home a distinctive look are handcrafted pieces of furniture. Furnitures in Bali can be made with various kinds of wood, depending on their durability and style. You could find furnishings made with teak, mango wood, bamboo, rattan, and many others. The wood can be carved to make sculptures, panels or unique furnishings that would just give your space a new level of wow!
Nested tables
Hand carved nested tables by Kulture home decor
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