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Balinese Furniture: what to look out for when in Bali

Whether you’re traveling for a holiday vacation or you’re visiting for business purposes, Bali has a lot of awesome articles you could take with you. Bali is the most popular holiday destination island in Indonesian archipelago. Blessed with forested volcanic mountains, rich rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs, this awesome community treats you to one of the most amazing experiences you can find in the world. To seal the memories of your stay in Bali, having one Balinese furniture piece or the other is a sure way to stay in tune with Balinese culture.

Balinese handicrafts have proved to be one of the most treasured handmade pieces in the world. With articles made from raw materials ranging from wood, bamboo, rattan, gold, silver, to everything else, one never gets tired of exploring Balinese artistry. Think home decoration; think Bali. Typical home decor from Bali include: chiselled chairs, antique urns, tribal rugs, wicker rugs, wood carvings, traditional stone carvings, and more.

Traditionally, homes in Indonesia are mostly built with wood and so accessing furniture pieces of any kind will never be a problem in Bali. Even better is that you can request customised furniture designed according to your specific taste. Interestingly, Bali is home to varieties of trees; one of which is teak tree. Teak wood is known for its unmatched durability, elegance and very minimal cost of maintenance. You are sure to find tables, console tables, stools, chairs, bed frames, mirror frames, cabinets, cupboards, closets and other interior wooden furniture that are made from teak.

Teak trees plantation

Teak tree plantation in West Java

Headboards of different styles which are made from Suar wood are also readily accessible.

Owing to Bali’s system of craft specialization, it is important to note that Mas is home to most wood carvings and wooden furniture. Mas which is a village in Bali and about six km south Ubud (also in Bali and home to Bali’s painting craftsmen) with a focus on carving of wood sculptures of virtually any object. No one carves wood better than Mas villagers who seemingly can create anything and everything. A visit to Mas village will set you exploring the many wonderful things wood can be turned into. You could even request and purchase a wooden statue of yourself and/ or your loved ones. Statues of iconic heroes are also available in Mas. Wood furniture, carvings and ornaments exude royalty owing to the many years which local wood carvers have spent in designing and creating handmade wood furniture for their palaces and kings. The wooden pieces you will find in Mas are top quality statement pieces and they incorporate classic design which infuse homeliness into your home or office decoration. Do not miss out on the paintings and frames while you’re in Bali.

Mas village

Typical wood carvings which can be found in Mas Village

Finished handmade works are usually on display for locals and tourists and may also be exported to places around the world. Due to Bali’s tourism and trade culture, shipping wood furniture and carvings to any part of the world is seamless although buyers may have to wait just a few weeks.

So whatever the style is, there is something for everyone and every pocket travelling to Bali! And if you are not able to bring that beautiful piece of furniture back home, we're happy to help! Just get in touch with us and we will act as your personal shopper!

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