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Balinese Cuisine: A Traveler’s Delight

Balinese food tops most regions gastronomy in Indonesia

Bali is a sought-after destination by many travellers all over the world. A great thing to try out when visiting is their food, as they have a rich cuisine of meals. It has its traditional infusion of local spices and vegetables with either fish or meat.

It's also superior in terms of tastes and complexity / use of ingredients when compared to other regions in Indonesia.

The basa gede is an important ingredient in almost all Balinese food; it contains a mixture of different spices such as Asian shallots, Indonesian bay leaves, ginger, garlic, palm sugar, turmeric, and chili peppers.  A taste of Balinese cuisine is like a slice of tradition and culture, and it is always a delight to you.

Best Balinese food

Are you traveling to Bali? Below are some of the best dishes to give your taste buds a rich, spicy, and delectable experience.

Bebek Betutu

This is arguably the best Balinese food; the dish is made with steamed duck or chicken, specially seasoned with the betutu - a special spice mix. The duck satay is slowly cooked in over 16 blended spices, and this makes it so tender.

Bebek bengil, as it is generally called, is a ceremonial traditional food in Ubud and its environs. You should definitely give this richly spiced dish a try, to enjoy a mouth-watering experience in Bali.


This is an Indonesian food made from a mixture of chopped meat and vegetable salad, with herbs and spices. The spices include chili powder, turmeric, kaffar lime leaf, galangal, with the addition of coconut milk, oil, and shredded bits of the coconut itself.

This meal is very versatile and has many different recipes. In some dishes, the blood of the pork is added to give it a nice color and taste. This dish is usually served with babi guling and steamed white rice. It is served in any restaurant in Bali or Warung.

Babi Guling

Babi guiling, which directly translates as ‘’turning pig’’, is a juicy suckling pork dish made with pig stuffed in basa gede - a spiced paste. It is roasted over an open fire to give a crispy, yet tender meat.

It is served with vegetables, nasi goreng, and fluffy white rice to give you a maximum delicious experience. However, some people prefer only the pork ribs served in Warung babi guling.

Babi ruling


A visit to Bali will introduce to tasty dishes you can eat on the go. Sate lilit is a very popular Balinese dish; it is made from marinated meat put in skewers to be grilled and served with a spicy sauce.

There is also the vegetarian version, made of boiled eggs, soybeans, tofu, and so on. It can be found in the streets and restaurants, as it is also served as a national dish in Ubud Bali. With its different varieties, it is usually named after the main ingredients used in preparing it.

However, this is just a little take on Balinese cuisine, as a taste of the amazing dishes the island has to offer will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

So be sure to try something new and enjoy the rich culture of Bali; only then will you understand why Bali is a popular tourist destination and traveller’s delight.


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