Affordable Furniture In Singapore

Affordable Furniture In Singapore

Furniture shopping is very important when you are looking for the best way to achieve Pinterest-perfect decor. However, furniture in Singapore can be quite draining for your pockets if you are on a budget. This is why we have put together a budget-friendly list of on-line stores that can give your quality furniture.

Affordable Furniture In Singapore

When thinking of a place to shop for a sofa or bed set, many people consider IKEA as their best bet. Sometimes, this may not be ideal for you, because you have to put the furniture together yourself. Not only that, it becomes a bit too predictable when friends and family are spotting the same dining set or sofa as you. 

The good news is that few good stores in Singapore give really good furniture at a fair price, so you don't need to go broke while decorating your home.

Hock Siong & Co

This store is a great place to find decent furniture at a steal. Their well-packaged goods cover a wide range of styles. From opulent and elegant to mid-century modern, down to vintage styles, you will find something that fits your home decor perfectly. The store manager Brylin Toh encourages buyers to welcome a little adventure and eclecticism into their lives as they shop for the right home goods. You can get products as low as $15 and above. You are also allowed to haggle prices; you just might get what you are looking for cheaper than you thought.

Second Charm

Affordable Furniture In Singapore

They said the third time's the charm, but Second Charm wouldn't go far when shopping for affordable furniture. If you have your heart set on some vintage or retro-style decor, you have come to the right place. The second charm has its fill of art deco, Scandinavian styles, vintage, mid-century contemporary, French, and danish inspired styles. They mostly deal in refurbished, reupholstered, and custom-made furniture that you can get for as low as $150. Most of their furniture is made of teak so you can be assured of high quality for a fair price. Not only that, Second Chance has an extensive collection of antiques and collectibles that will induce home decor envy in anyone who visits you.

If you want a customized piece of furniture, you have to send the second chance store a detailed email of what you need and the specific measurements. This way, you can get a quotation quickly and get started on your customized home goods from Singapore.


This popular online store sells furniture from Singapore as well as other essential appliances. With the store offering the lowest price matching, you can be sure to get what you need for a steal. And if you find another merchant is selling what you bought for less, FortyTwo is willing to refund you the difference!

They have an extensive range of furniture, and their clearance sale boasts excellent price reductions on their furniture. Try to stay on top of your game by checking in on them regularly so that you don't miss out on their superb deals.


Get contemporary furniture pieces at an affordable price in Singapore from HipVan. Their online furniture store boasts practical furniture pieces like sturdy dining tables to colorful, quirky pieces like this bean bag.

Affordable Furniture In Singapore

You can get lovely plush sofas for $39 and above, or dining sets for as low as $60, as well as other home products and accessories for a steal!

We know many lovely stores sell cheap furniture in Singapore, but we want you to see our faves. Which one do you enjoy shopping at the most?




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