7 Ways to Add Handwoven Baskets to Your Home Decoration

7 Ways to Add Handwoven Baskets to Your Home Decoration

Baskets are charming ways to incorporate a traditional but evergreen feeling into your home décor. There are many ways to use baskets to their fullest potential, and that’s why we have listed these cool ways of decorating with handwoven baskets. Baskets are not just for the laundry room or picnic walks; they can also add beauty to your home décor if you know how to display them.

Ways to use a handwoven basket as part of your home decor

  1. Store stuff in plain sight. You can declutter your coffee table by storing photo albums, magazines, or other paraphernalia in a beautifully vintage basket next to your sofa. This way, you can easily have access to those things while enjoying a less crowded coffee table. You can also store colorful throws beneath the center table or close to the sofa. Consider using a basket to keep wood from your fireplace to give your living room a stunning but simple décor.
how to decorate your room with handwoven baskets

   2.   Create wall decor. Home decor should never be boring and predictable.               Who says you cannot enjoy handwoven baskets purely as aesthetic                     pieces? Increase the wow volume of your decorating ideas by creating a             wall decor. Using baskets with various shapes and colors is a great way to           enhance your wall decor ideas. If statement walls can be made of mirrors,            pictures, or dishes, why not baskets?

Decorating your home with hnadwoven basket

  1. Store your bathroom supplies. You could use some storage baskets to stock bathroom paraphernalia. A small basket for your skincare/spa products on the vanity. A wider one for toilet rolls, towels, or fuzzy slips. However, since we noticed that wicker baskets are prone to mold and mildew when kept around damp places, we will suggest using a wire basket.
Adding handwoven basket to your bathroom
  1. Hanging baskets. Conventionally, hanging baskets are suspended containers used in storing plants; that’s why they are also called planters. Although they cannot bear heavy stuff, you can still use them for light, decorative items such as flowers, scented candles, wall plants, and even non-heavy paperbacks. Hanging baskets look great with any wall decor and go well with most home décor ideas.
  1. Unclutter your entryway. Your entryway is the first place your guests would see when they come in, so it's essential to keep it tidy. Use a basket to keep tote bags, umbrellas, gloves, yoga mats, and other necessities away from prying eyes but within reach.
  1. Utilize your space. Don't let any corner or nook go to waste. Utilize them. With baskets, you can store things you rarely use in awkward areas like above your cabinet, under the bed, or beneath the staircase. Use baskets made with materials that are easy to maintain, for instance, wire baskets. Keep stuff like your yoga mats, sports gear, children’s toys, books, magazines, newspapers, and other paraphernalia that has no immediate use, in a tidier and stylish way.
Adding handwoven basket to your home decoration
  1. Organise your kitchen counter. Not a favorite task for many people, but not in any way less important than the other parts of the house. Keep your kitchen organized by displaying items on the counter in a shallow basket. Store your oils, spices, odds, and ends in a beautiful shallow basket that gives you room to find what you need. Baskets also work for coffee table and dining room display.

Enjoy the simple charm that handwoven baskets add to your home while storing away things that are not needed immediately. What is your favorite way to use a handwoven basket?

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