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Adding A Unique Balinese Touch to Your Bedroom

Balinese Home Decoration 

We know you miss traveling, and we also know that you will go to Bali the moment the border opens. 

For now, why not try to add a little Balinese flair to your bedroom? 

Balinese traditional architecture and interior design are quintessential, and it never goes out of style! Located in a country of thousands of cultures across 17,000 islands, Balinese culture is still as strong today as it has been for the past century. If you could remember (we certainly can!), the Island of Gods has millions of things to offer. We all know and love the island, where nature collides alluringly and locals are hospitable. The island is wealthy in culture and tradition, and those reflect well on their houses. For many, Bali leaves such a beautiful mark in their memories, and they often bring a piece of the island to their abodes. And for many, the piece of Bali they bring home has enhanced their homes in quirky, yet charming ways. 

You can too, and the Kulture Deco team is here to support your dream! We are selling a selected home decor pieces to be sold at reduced prices, so you can Bali-fy your home in as many ways as possible. Each mesmerizing piece will bring you back to the Island of Gods, and will definitely spice up your bedroom to a different level. Let’s get inspired with our home decor tips to spruce up your home with some unique accessories from our beloved island!


Cushiony headboards are cute, but wooden ones are much better. Headboards amplify your personality as it becomes the focal epicenter of your bedroom. An intricately designed one enhances the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your room while serving endless comfort. Imagine, waking up to a handmade or carved headboard right above you will instantly brighten up your day!

headboard dewi

Dewi queen-sized headboard for all the rattan lovers out there. In Indonesian, dewi means goddess. Imagine waking up to a gorgeous goddess right above you, the beautiful magic can surely last the whole day!  

The unique headboard is intricately woven by the creative hands of a Balinese craftsman. The entire headboard and its finishing are made of rattan, therefore it is quite light for the size - only 10kg. The height and weight nestle confidently to as long as 150cm, and it has two legs at the bottom to provide extra sturdiness when attached to your bed. 

Get your own goddess here.

What about converting a home decorative panels as headboards? We have the answer to that as well!

Decorative panel headboard

This beauty is called Ubud, yeah like the Central Bali regency we all love. 

Beholding a similar beauty, the colors of these panels mesmerized the Kulture Deco team the moment we laid our eyes on these charming pieces. The panels are made of fiber wood, and they are great for hanging panels for affordability, durability, and lightweights. It can last different climates, so it can even be shipped to Europe and it will stay as fine as it is in Ubud! 

 Get yours here!

Bedside Table

The one below is called Ratu, which means queen in Indonesian.

Bedside table 

This beauty is petite, and it humbly reflects the exotic Balinese vibe to your bedroom! The 50x50cm nightstand is hand-carved by a local artisan from Ubud, and it is only 14kg in weight. It comes with a fitted glass top, and it is made out of a combination of fiber wood and mango wood. The combination makes it durable and affordable, so it will stay in good condition in different climates. Ratu is also not a demanding queen; it only requires cleaning using soap, water, and vinegar wash few times a year using a soft brush.

carved bedside table

Our collection has been curated to realize your Bali dream, and each home decor piece’s quality is maintained to the highest, even at discounted prices.

Also, could we interest you in more Balinese home decor pieces in reduced prices?  Stay tuned to find out what other pieces on discounts are in the next article!

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