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5 Trendy Living Room Décor Ideas To Try At Home

It’s the year 2020 already and a lot of new home designs will begin to show up in the home décor market. Living room decor is always a hot topic because this area is usually the most spacious in anyone’s home, in addition to being the one where people spend the most time. The new year like every other year will usher in home trends that will make you want to redesign your living room.

Do you feel your living room needs some perfect home décor ideas? Or would you need new home décor trends for your living room space? Did you just move into a new house and you are wondering about how to decorate your living room?

Read on to discover trendy home décor for your living room space.

Use chairs

If your house or apartment has very little space, there are various ways and methods to achieve the trendy 2020 home décor even in such a small space. The first step is space management; replace your sofas with matching and stylish armchairs.

The armchairs will consume less space and will help you maximise your living room space. For a stylish and classy look, arrange your armchair in a sociable layout. Also, pick armchairs in lighter shades for a warm and laid-back feel. Colors like grey and soft blue are perfect for your chair décor ideas.

Incorporate greenery

The use of greens as part of the living room décor is something that was popular in the 80’s, but the trend is back this year in full force! The use of plants in your living room adds pop and visual interest to your décor. In addition to being trendy home decor items, plants allow you to freshen your air in a natural way. Ask your local plants seller which ones are ideal for your space and enjoy breathing renewed oxygen!

To make your plant décor stand out on your living room space, consider using neutral paint color for your walls. Use plants like tropical palms, spider plants or fig leaves for your greenery décor to add style and interest to your space.

Use two tone for painting

Gone are the days when people paint their homes in single colors for uniformity. In 2020, we would see more of the two-tone painting in the living room area. If you are wondering about the most common interior styles, the two-tone painting is top of the list.

You can paint your wall horizontally with similar colors of different shades or with different colors. When you use similar colors, you give your sitting room a calm and soothing effect, while diverse colors will produce a vibrating and striking appearance.

Scandinavian Design

When browsing home decor ideas, this type of furniture often comes up. Who says you have to decorate your home in the regular way? Open floor plan design will be a part of the décor trend for living rooms in 2020.  A large modern corner sofa, white and bright airy room and a rug will give your living room a Scandinavian feel.

Introducing velvet design

Velvet designs are the new trend in home décor. If you are pulling off a luxury living room design, a velvet sofa is your best choice to nail the look. The velvet fabric brings sophistication to your living room space irrespective of the shade you choose.

You do not have to worry about how to decorate your living room in 2020; the décor ideas above will make designing or redesigning your home easy.

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