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2018: the year of Balinese home style

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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Bali lovers around the world!

Here it is! 2018, the new year its bunch of new resolutions. Speaking of which, why don’t you rethink your place into a peaceful, quiet and zen cocoon by giving it a touch of Balinese home decor? In this article, we will try to give you some simple recommendations on how to give a Balinese touch in your home.

Bali is well known around the world for its beautiful beaches, landscapes and of course, its rich culture.  Those are the mains reasons that make the island of the Gods so appreciated by tourists who are keen on experiencing the authenticity of the Island and bringing a piece of it into their own places, wherever they live around the globe.

To start, here are the key words that define Balinese home decoration: airy, contrast, organic materials and colorful.  One could also think of elegant, chic, peaceful and welcoming.

Balinese wood carving

Not only Bali has amazing landscapes but it also has a luxurious and colorful vegetation, so don’t just look at it, bring it inside! Balinese people live in harmony with the nature, which is omnipresent even in their houses. If you look closely to the architecture you will see that there are almost no boundaries between the inside and the outside: no walls between the living room and the terrace, outdoor showers, trees in the house, …! Well, if you want to re-arrange your place, don’t destroy your walls of course, just try to bring light, plants and colorful flowers inside. The idea is to let the energy flow inside.

Another specificity of Balinese interior design is the contrast. Constructions, floors, furniture are generally made with organic and dark wood materials (teak, bamboo, coconut wood, stone and brick, …). To replicate this contrast, you can choose to paint your wall in natural or neutral colors and add dark or bright-colored decorative wood plaques or wood panels.

White ded headboard

To decorate your furniture, how about Buddhas statuettes, decorative vases and cute shell lamps? It is not necessary to have many items; just a few touches to make your interior design peaceful and cozy. In your bedroom, setting-up a bed headboard will bring a great feeling to the room. Customized furniture is also a great option. Go for natural material if possible in order to reduce the risks of allergies: linen for your curtains, stone or wood for your statuettes, wall plants etc.

Don’t forget to add some colors to make you home more welcoming. Color is an important element of home decor in the island of the Gods. Put some nice flowers in wooden vases, choose colorful and local fabrics for your pillow covers (red, orange, blue). As mentioned earlier, you can also opt colorful wood carving panel. If you have a neutral carpet, just go for bright colored bamboo baskets. Colors naturally attract the eye and brighten up your place. Paintings can be a great options to do that.

Painting from Bali

Balinese home wear is quite varied, so try to harmonize classic and modern. It is important to keep a good balance. Quality-wise, don’t be worry: Balinese craftsmanship is very appreciated for its high quality.

We hope those few elements gave you some ideas and inspiration about exotic home decorations and how to integrate them to your house in a simple way!

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