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10 things to do while travelling around Ubud

Since most of our beautiful Balinese home decor is sourced from this region, we are pretty familiar with the area and thought of giving you some recommendations on what do do around Ubud area!

There are many things you have to do to have a satisfying experience in Ubud Bali, the most popular place in Indonesia. Here are 10 fun things you should do to guarantee that.

  1. Take a trip to the elephant cave. The elephant cave is one of the most sacred sites in Bali. This hindu site can be traced back to the 11th century and right now has been nominated as a tentative UNESCO world heritage site.
  2. Enjoy holistic medication. As part of their culture, the Balinese have various holistic measures they use for different purposes. It's no wonder lots of mediation centers and spas have opened up around Bali. Getting a massage from any of these holistic centres is a thing you need to experience; as it would rid you of various health problems, some of which you didn't even know you had.
  3. Visit the monkey forest. One of the top touristic sites in Ubud is the monkey forest. The forest boasts of hundreds of very cheeky and playful marquee monkeys, tree canopies and a temple complex. The forest is a sacred site so the monkeys are allowed to roam freely without fear of being harmed.
  4. Feed your eyes at Ubud Museums and Arts gallery. There are various museums and galleries where you can appreciate the cultural development of the Bali people through their art collections. Most popular among them are the Blanco Renaissance Museum and the Museum Puri Lakisan.
  5. Go shopping. There's no way you would visit Ubud and not want to get a keepsake or memento to remind you of this scenic city. Tourism has made a lot of boutiques and crafts houses to open up, over the years. You are sure to see various local shops filled with unique and amazing hand crafts, jewellery, artworks, carvings and so many kinds of gift items. Don't forget to haggle your heart out as the some of the locals are known to sell their wares triple the amount they are worth.
  6. Hike through the rice fields. Although many tourists visit Ubud which is sorrounded by rice fields, the town still retains its natural beauty. The beautiful green rice field that covers most of the area is a sight to behold. You don't want to miss walking through it.
  7. Watch the cranes of Petulu. Every day in the evening, thousands of herons fly into the village to roost and fly out the next morning. It's a breathtaking experience to watch these birds in their numbers flocking together. Local folklore has it that these birds were souls of departed soldiers who protect the people left behind.
  8. Enjoy Balinese dance. The people of Ubud love to dance especially in the cool of the evening. Various traditional dances that tell intricate stories about their culture, like the Kecak performance. Could be very interesting to watch.
  9. Learn a skill. Nothing stops you from learning a new skill in Ubud Bali. You could attend cooking classes, or learn how to make a handcraft. Nothing gladdens the heart like learning something new that stays with you forever.
  10. Tour the area. There are many beautiful temples ("Pura" in Indonesian language) around Ubud, including Tirta Empul, Goa Gajah and Gunung Kawi. These temples are great places to learn about Balinese spiritual believes while witnessing impressive rock carvings and other local forms of art and architectures.

         Bali temple Ubud

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