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10 ideas to spruce up your bedroom!

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, your haven, the place you're most comfortable in, it is more than just a place to sleep.

Decorating your bedroom to suit you should be foremost in your mind but a lot of people don't know how to go about that. They see so much stuff and clutter that needs to be put away and they wonder why their room is so cramped and uninspiring. So here are some little tips to help spruce up your haven in record time.

Your Bed

Well, it's called a bedroom which means the focal point of this room is not the chair or table or your wardrobe, it's your bed!

Getting the perfect bed for your room is very crucial, it has to be just right for your room space. A large king sized bed looks wonderful in the middle of a roomy space but if you have a small room, get a tall bed that has compartments underneath for storage purposes. The uniqueness of the headboard goes a long way to adding beauty to your room, it sets the tone of the room. Balinese furniture makers are good at carving out exquisite headboards that will make you giddy each time you step into your room.

10 ideas to spruce up your bedroom!

A handcrafted bed headboard can instantly bring a resort feel to your room.

These days people don't go for the mundane - unless you are just the type-they want something that widens peoples eyes and causes people to gush in awe. So let your bed be just as inspiring, get people who are good in their craft to customize your own bed or you could check out some handcrafted Balinese headboards at local shops or online.

Room color

This is absolutely important as it tells about your personality, whether you are quirky, staid, adventurous or calm.

The color of your room should preach about you. So how do you go about that? Well let's say you love bright colors, the whole room doesn't have to be so blindingly bright, with a dash of ingenuity and the right lighting too, you could have an awe-inspiring room. White paint can be painted in different hues and tones just like purple or different shades of pink. You could juxtapose black or a deep color against a brighter shade.

With the help of a masking tape, you could create lovely designs on your walls that give off this look of professionalism and class. Arm yourself with loads of inspirations from the internet and the tools you would need or better still call a professional home designer and tell them exactly what you want.


You need space to store your stuff, could be your clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and all whatnot. So invariably a well-structured storage system is key to having a beautiful, elegant and spacious bedroom without the clutter.

The first thing you would need is a closet where you keep your personal belongings. Depending on how big your room is, you could get a large wall-wall closet that's big enough to store all your effects without looking ostentatious in your room. But if you have a small room or you're a minimalist, you could have sophisticated furniture including your bed that could serve as storage too. For instance, a bed that comes with compartments could house neatly folded clothes or accessories. You could have a small wardrobe to hang up your clothes or a coffee table that doubles as a shelf for storing little things.

Look out for more exciting ideas on how to spruce up your bedroom!

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